Acceptability of Exhibitors

Exhibition is restricted to companies that are in good standing with CDA. CDA is under no obligation to extend application privileges to any company regardless of whether said company has exhibited at past meetings.

Products and services exhibited must be scientific in nature and/or directly related to the dental industry. Products that fall under FDA guidelines must have FDA certification to exhibit. Exhibitors must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the manufacturing, distribution, advertising and sale of the products and services exhibited.

Exhibitors may not display any product or distribute advertisements for any product or service that infringes any patent, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary right of any person or entity. Each exhibitor must execute a contract for the right to use the space allotted. CDA shall be the sole judge as to acceptability of exhibits.

Solicitation by Non-Exhibiting Companies

Solicitation by non-exhibitors is prohibited. Firms and representatives not assigned exhibit space are prohibited from soliciting business in any form at Anaheim Convention Center and all official CDA hotels. Violators of this prohibition will be required to immediately leave the convention center.

Hold Harmless

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CDA, its subsidiaries and affiliates and their respective directors, officers, members, employees, agents and representatives, and each of them (“Indemnified Party”), from and against any and all claims, demands, defense costs, liability, expense or damages of any kind or nature arising out of or in connection with the exhibitor’s use of exhibit space or arising out of any act of exhibitor or any of exhibitor’s employees, agents, contractors, representatives, guests or invitees. Such indemnification shall be effective regardless of any claim of negligence on the part of any Indemnified Party. The provisions of this paragraph shall survive any termination or expiration of these rules and regulations and the application.

Seniority Points

For companies that have previously exhibited at the CDA meeting, one point is given for each show exhibited. Points are also added for certain levels of sponsorship and advertising.

When an exhibiting company acquires another exhibiting company, the larger seniority point number is utilized.

Seniority points of individual companies are not combined. Seniority points are not affected when a company acquires the product of another company. Applicants receive priority in the selection of booth space based on the number of points accumulated as indicated above.


The exhibition rules and regulations below are to ensure order and fairness to all exhibitors during the CDA exhibition. By applying for and accepting exhibit space, you agree to abide by these rules and regulations.

CDA exhibitors who violate any of these rules and regulations will be subject to the following sanctions:

  • First violation: loss of current show seniority point.
  • Second violation: loss of half of accrued seniority points.
  • Third violation: loss of all accrued seniority points.
  • Fourth violation: possible forfeiture of exhibit privileges.

CDA reserves the right to revoke exhibit privileges at any time.


The exhibiting of products at any California Dental Association meeting does not constitute endorsement by the association of the products so exhibited.

CDA Presents Exhibitor Logos

Exhibitor is granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to use the CDA Presents exhibitor logos (to be provided by CDA via a separate attachment) solely in connection with Exhibitor’s use of exhibit space at CDA Presents, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. In no event shall Exhibitor use the logos in a manner that states or implies endorsement of Exhibitor (or Exhibitor’s products or services) by CDA. The logos are the sole and exclusive property of CDA.

The logos may not be revised or altered in any way and must be displayed in the same form and colors as provided by CDA. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all uses by Exhibitor of the logos shall be subject to the prior approval of CDA. Without further notice, CDA reserves the right to prohibit use of the logos if it determines, in its sole discretion, that Exhibitor’s use, whether willful or negligent, is not in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of this license, or otherwise could discredit CDA or tarnish its reputation and goodwill.


In the event that the CDA Presents exhibition must be canceled, postponed or relocated on account of acts of God, war, government regulation or advisory, disaster, fire, earthquakes, accidents or other casualty, strikes or threats of strikes, civil disorder, acts or threats of terrorism, government retaliation against foreign enemies, curtailment of transportation services or facilities, the unavailability of Anaheim Convention Center, lodging or other necessary facilities or other causes beyond CDA’s control, the exhibitor waives any and all damages and claim for damages and agrees that the sole liability of CDA will be to return to each exhibitor the exhibitor’s rental payment.

Union Regulations

Exhibit Installation/Dismantling

Union jurisdictions prevail over setup and dismantling of exhibits including signs and laying of carpet. This does not apply to the unpacking and placement of your merchandise. Any installation of exhibits or displays that requires the use of hand tools, more than one person, longer than 30 minutes (including crating and uncrating) to install or exceeds 10 feet in any direction, shall be installed by union labor. One full-time company employee may supervise work by the union crew.

Material Handling

Union jurisdictions prevail over the operation of all material handling equipment, all unloading and reloading and handling of empty containers. An exhibitor may move material that can be hand-carried by one person in one trip, without the use of dollies, hand trucks or other mechanical equipment, including rolling luggage.

Truss and Lighting

GES is responsible for supervision, assembly and removal of truss assemblies for lighting, audiovisual equipment and special effects. All power, electrical labor orders and additional requirements for such equipment must be placed through GES as the electrical contractor. Your representative may be present during the assembly or the installation/ removal of your truss and lighting.

Independent Contractors

Companies that wish to use an independent contractor must submit a letter of intent, by completing the Independent Contractor Request Form on Page 15, to CDA along with a certificate of insurance for the independent contractor by the date specified in the Exhibitor Prospectus. Exhibitors that have not sent notification by that date must use show management labor.

Please note: Notification must come from the exhibiting company, not the independent contractor. Any requests coming directly from the independent contractor will not be acknowledged.

Installation and Dismantle

Space will be available for setup at 8 a.m. on May 12, 2020. Installation must be complete by 5 p.m. on May 13, 2020.

Dismantle may only begin when the show closes on May 16, 2020, and must be complete by 3 p.m. on May 17, 2020. For the safety of all attendees, aisle carpet removal, followed by empty crate return, will begin 30 minutes following the close of show. If dismantle is not complete by 3 p.m., show management may order labor at the exhibitor’s expense.

CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMITTED on the exhibit floor at any time, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES during installation and dismantle. Hazardous materials and substances must be removed by the exhibiting company from the exhibit hall at the close of the show. Failure to do so will result in the imposition of a removal and disposal fee. Unidentifiable substances will be treated as hazardous and charged accordingly.

Abandonment of Space

Any space not claimed and occupied two hours prior to the show opening may be resold or reassigned without refund. All booths must be staffed by an authorized company representative during all show hours. Each exhibit must be open for the full duration of official show hours and must be closed at all other times. Invitations to participate in future CDA meetings will be withheld if booth space is abandoned.

Admission Credentials

All members of an exhibit staff must be full- time employees of the exhibiting company or must be employed for the duration of the exhibit. A dentist may not be registered as an exhibitor unless he or she is an officer of the company or a full-time (nonpracticing) employee. Furthermore, dentists, hygienists, dental assistants or laboratory technicians may not be registered as guests. Exhibiting companies may not register any representative of their companies as a dental professional if that individual is not a dental professional or does not meet the guidelines stated above.

Exhibiting companies that do not follow these guidelines will forfeit their rights to exhibit and will be charged the applicable registration fees for all personnel who obtain entry in violation of the rules of admission. Those companies that return the registration form by March 13, 2020, will receive their badges prior to the show. Exhibit personnel and guests not preregistered by the designated deadline must register on site and pay a $25 on-site registration fee. Badges are the property of show management and are not transferable.

Properly badged exhibitors will be admitted to the exhibition hall one hour prior to the show opening and may remain one hour after the show closing each evening. Guests will not be permitted in the exhibit hall during nonshow hours. Any company circumventing the rules of admission will forfeit its exhibit privileges without refund and will be excluded from future invitations to exhibit. CDA reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor, guest or attendee admission to the meeting.

Childcare Guidelines

Strollers are not permitted on the exhibit floor at any time, including set up and dismantle days. A stroller check is available in the registration area during show hours. Children younger than 10 are permitted on the exhibit floor during family hours, Thursday – Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to noon.

Exhibitor Conduct

No exhibitor or member of an exhibit staff shall behave in a manner offensive to decency or good taste in the sole judgment of CDA staff. Exhibitors must conduct themselves in a professional manner and must maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. All exhibitors and their representatives, including models or demonstrators, must be modestly clothed. Excessively revealing attire is not permitted. Models in the employ of exhibitors must remain in the exhibit space assigned.

They may not circulate in public spaces, aisles or the registration area. Undignified methods of attracting attention are prohibited. Exhibitor personnel may not enter, photograph or videotape the exhibit space of another exhibitor without permission from the latter.

Exhibiting companies are responsible to ensure that all representatives working in their booths abide by all exhibitor rules and regulations. Smoking is prohibited in Anaheim Convention Center at all times. This includes electronic cigarettes as well as vaping.

Exhibit Operation — Sales and Promotional Activities

Exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of their booths. Demonstrations and all other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibitor’s booth. Aisles must not be obstructed at any time. Exhibitors may not conduct activity of any kind that leads to the congestion of aisle traffic. If you intend to give away items that will attract large numbers of attendees, please purchase your booth space accordingly. You will be required to keep the line of attendees to a minimum and within the purchased booth space only. The use of megaphones, loudspeakers or undignified tactics is prohibited. Sound projection equipment or any other type of sound or noisemaking apparatus must receive advance approval in writing from show management and must not infringe on adjacent exhibits.

If written approval is received, the decibel level must not exceed 85 as stated in Section 29 of Federal OSHA Regulation 1910.95, applicable to trade shows. Decibel readers will be used to monitor all approved sound projection equipment. If the level exceeds the maximum level allowed, you will be required to adjust the decibel level accordingly. Audio speakers must be directed into purchased exhibit space. If multiple warnings are given, previous approval to use the sound projection equipment will be revoked.

Live music is prohibited in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors may not perform experimental procedures, demonstrate intraoral techniques or otherwise practice dentistry on patients in the convention hall.

Exhibitors may not promote or offer continuing education credits for any demonstration or lecture given in the exhibitors’ booths.

Giveaways, magazines, merchandise and souvenirs may be distributed only within an exhibitor’s booth. Promotional campaigns, prior to the meeting or on site, must not misrepresent CDA’s involvement (e.g., no prominent use of CDA’s name or logo that might indicate CDA’s involvement or approval of promotion). Distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, with the exception of promotional events during the last two hours of the tradeshow upon prior written approval of CDA Show Management. Distribution of promotional materials that detract from the professional and educational purposes of the show is prohibited.

Placing advertisements outside of the exhibitor’s booth is prohibited, unless a sponsorship has been purchased through CDA to do so. This includes advertisements in non-CDA approved publications that are distributed outside the booth space. Exhibitors may not hang banners, post signs or have vehicles displaying company logos anywhere outside of their assigned booth or outside of the exhibit hall visible to show attendees. Advertisements, banners, logos and the like on vehicles, trailers, carts, crates or other items parked or left within one mile of the exhibit hall visible to show attendees shall be covered with opaque material at the exhibitor’s expense. CDA reserves the right to have any vehicle or item covered or removed, at the exhibitor’s expense, if any violation of these rules occurs. Advertisements by exhibitors shall not include information that is false or misleading.


The California Dental Association reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibitor or any part of any exhibit or proposed exhibit that is not suitable or in accordance with the ethics of the dental profession. CDA staff shall be the sole judge of suitability of exhibitors and exhibits.

Sales or other transactions by the exhibitor shall be limited to the taking or accepting of written orders and under no circumstances shall any delivery of goods or items be made or shall any cash or credit card transactions be permitted in the exhibition area.

Exhibitors may not host or sponsor any event off the show floor during exhibit hours without prior written approval from the California Dental Association. Upon approval, the exhibitor must clearly state in all publicity for its event that it is not sponsored or endorsed by CDA. Any exhibitor in violation of this policy will be subject to a loss of seniority points.

Photographs, audio recordings and videos may be taken during the meeting by CDA and approved media representatives. By registering for the meeting, exhibitors and attendees grant to CDA and approved media, and their respective legal representatives, agents and assigns, the irrevocable right and permission to use any such photograph, audio recording and video taken during the meeting, for any purpose whatsover, including (but not by way of limitation) news reporting, promotion and advertising and trade, in any medium or context now known or later developed, and to use the exhibitor’s and attendee’s name in connection therewith, without further authorization.

Booths, Signage, and Exhibiting

Subletting Space/Booth Sharing

Subletting of space is prohibited. Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of space allotted or exhibit therein any goods other than those manufactured or distributed by the exhibitor in the regular course of the exhibitor’s business or permit any representative of any firm not exhibiting to solicit business or take orders in the exhibitor’s space.

Booth Allotment

Booth space shall be allocated by seniority from the first deadline. After that date, booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-assigned basis. Requests for previous booth locations will be considered but not guaranteed. Receipt of application does not guarantee acceptance or booth assignment. Allocation of exhibit space shall be solely at the discretion of CDA. There is no guarantee that requested spaces shall be assigned.

Application for booth space must be made by mail, online or by fax with deposit included. Booths cannot be reserved by phone.

Facilities Furnished

In addition to the exhibit space, the California Dental Association shall provide each space with a standard draped booth with 8 feet by 10 feet draped back wall, side railings and name sign, without additional charge. No allowance will be made for facilities not utilized. CDA strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for exhibitors, members and guests. CDA will not provide compensation for conditions that arise from mechanical failure or additional circumstances that are beyond our control such as air conditioning, heating or other environmental controls.

Food and Beverage

Aramark is the official caterer of the Anaheim Convention Center. Outside food of any kind is not permitted. Exhibitors may host promotional events in their exhibit space with alcoholic beverage service during the last two hours of the tradeshow upon prior written approval of the California Dental Association. Popcorn is not permitted in the exhibit hall.

Laser Exhibiting

In keeping with safety precautions for lasers, CDA has adopted the following policies for those exhibitors displaying lasers in the exhibit area:

  • Lasers must be operated only within a suitably enclosed space with the appropriate protective eyewear available for any personnel staffing the booth and attendees who will be viewing/operating the laser.
  • All demonstrations of CO2 lasers must be conducted in clear plastic boxes with all sides enclosed, including the top.
  • Appropriate plastic colored cubicles must also be available for any other type of laser being used, particularly dye and argon lasers.
  • Adequate warning signage of laser usage with the appropriate wavelength being used must be posted.
  • No laser equipment may be left unattended in operable condition. A staff member must always be present at the booth during show hours.

Important note: A description of each piece of laser equipment and its safety features must be submitted to CDA. Failure to submit this description will result in the denial of the lasers to be shown/demonstrated or the denial of exhibit space.

Booth Construction

Nothing shall be constructed, built, installed or used as part of or in connection with an exhibit that does not conform with the requirements of federal, state and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations. Rules of Anaheim Convention Center management must be observed and obeyed. Booths must be assembled and displayed in a professional manner. Any variance from the following size restrictions must be requested in writing to show management no later than 45 days prior to move in and must receive written confirmation from show management. The booth back wall height may not exceed 8 feet including signs, electrical lighting holders or other display items. Rear side walls must be 8 feet or lower and may extend no further than 5 feet from the back wall. Booth dividers may not exceed 3 feet in height. No construction is allowed on the sides of any booth that would obstruct the line of sight of adjacent booths. Open or unfinished visible sides of exhibits must be covered so as not to be unsightly or objectionable to other exhibitors. Signs must be made professionally. No sign may be placed outside the booth area in doorways, hallways or aisles.

The placement of signs, logos, trademarks, advertising messages and other forms of company identification located within 10 feet of a neighboring booth must face into your exhibit space or directly toward the aisle. They cannot face into the neighboring exhibits adjoining or behind your booth.

Two-sided signs that extend above 8 feet are prohibited, unless island or peninsula booth space has been purchased and written approval has been received. Nails, tacks, tape, stickers and other materials may not be used on columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building. Exhibitors may not apply paint, lacquer or any other coating to the building, columns or floors. Floors must be protected against all damaging substances, including tape, that leave residue and all booths must be carpeted.

Endcap/Peninsula Booths

An is a grouping of two or more booths on the end of an aisle.An endcap/peninsula booth may not construct a back wall that exceeds 10 feet in height and must allow a 5-foot line of sight on both sides of the back wall.The remainder of the back wall shall not exceed 4 feet in height (Figure A).No object over 4 feet in height shall obstruct the 5-foot sightlines of adjacent booths (Figure B).Endcap/peninsula booths must be designed to be accessible from all three sides.

Exceptions to these regulations will not be made prior to the meeting or on site. You will be required to adjust your booth accordingly on site if these guidelines are not followed.

Two or more booths on the end of an aisle may not construct a back wall that exceeds 10 feet and must allow 5 feet on either side of the back wall.

peninsula booth

Island Booths

Design criteria for island booth setups are more lenient; however, all construction that includes walls that exceed 10 feet in width must have prior written approval from show management. In addition, approval must be received for any booth construction that might block the view sight line of adjacent exhibits, including ceiling supports, signs and banners, decorative materials, etc.

Hanging Signs

All hanging signs must be pre-approved and receive written approval from show management. (You must complete the Mandatory Approval Form on Page 12 to request approval.) Hanging signs will only be permitted for island, peninsula and standard booths against a wall. Hanging signs will not be allowed for in-line booths, no exceptions. Booths may not hang signs that exceed 20 feet from the floor to the top of the sign. Signs suspended over endcap/peninsula booths must be set back a minimum of 5 feet from the back wall line of the booth. Any hanging signs that do not have written approval will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.

Signage for Booths

Plumbing Services in Booths

In the interest of exhibitor and attendee safety, plumbing service may not provide drain lines across pedestrian areas, whether inside or outside of the booth. Drain lines must be located next to the columns that contain the facility drains. If not, the drained off water will be diverted to a GES provided holding tank to be pumped out by GES technicians periodically during the event or GES will provide a pumping system to empty the holding tank up and over to a remote drain. These will be additional services above and beyond the standard plumbing prices in the GES Exhibitor Services Manual and will be the exhibitor’s responsibility.

Safety and Security


Exhibitors may not store packing crates and boxes in their booths during the show. Containers must be marked properly by the time indicated in the exhibitor services manual, clean floor policy, and will be returned after the show close. Exhibitors may not store literature, cartons or other supplies behind their booths. Crates, boxes and other exhibit materials unclaimed by the exhibitor after the show will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.


Reliable security individuals will be provided to guard the exhibit hall on a 24-hour basis. The California Dental Association assumes no responsibility for the loss or theft of exhibit material or merchandise and urges exhibitors to take every security precaution and coverage to prevent loss. Safety containers can be rented through the service contractor should you require them. Security for individual booths is available in the exhibitor service kit.

Liability Insurance

Exhibitors shall provide CDA with a Certificate of Insurance showing no less than $1,000,000 of general liability insurance coverage in effect through May 17, 2020, evidencing all of the coverages and additional insureds. CDA and Anaheim Convention Center will not be responsible for damage or loss to any property belonging to the exhibitor or used in connection with its exhibit, including the shipping containers brought into or used in or about the convention center or for any acts or omissions of the exhibitor, its employees, agents or representatives.

Fire Department Regulations

The regulations of the city Fire Department MUST BE OBEYED. All heat-producing or open-flame devices shall be operated only after obtaining a permit from the Fire Department. Application for permit shall be made 10 days in advance of the show and be accompanied by the appropriate permit fee. (An application will be included in the service manual provided by GES once you have been assigned a booth.)

Decorative materials are required to be flame retardant. This requirement is applicable to curtains, banners, valances, hay, straw and similar decorative materials. It also includes canvas tents, canopies and awnings. A copy of the California state fire marshal flameproof certificate must be available in the event of inspection by a Fire Department representative to verify that the approved treatment has been applied or the materials must be removed prior to the show opening. Access to all fire equipment and pipes must be kept clear. Complete Fire Department guidelines will be included in the kit from the service contractor and all exhibitors are expected to be aware of them.