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Online Learning

The Promise of Leadership: You the Coach

Recorded: April 08, 2021
C.E. Units Available: 1.5
C.E. Type: 20%
Member Cost: $25.00
Non-Member Cost: $50.00
Speaker(s): Dr. Edwin McDonald


When you became a dentist, you decided to become a leader. One of the primary roles of a leader is to actualize the people in their organization through coaching, teaching, and development. We will explore the Four Universal Promises of Leadership and how you keep them. 

Learning outcomes: 

  1. The Four Universal Promises of Leadership. 
  2. Coaching as a leadership style. 
  3. How effective leadership builds practice performance, profit, and enjoyment of your profession. 

Moderated by: David Rothman, DDS and Katie Fornelli, CDA Practice Support Analyst