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Online Learning

COVID & Common Mistakes Dental Professionals Make

OSHA Review
Recorded: April 13, 2021
C.E. Units Available: 1.0
C.E. Type: Core
Speaker(s): Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA
Presented by: OSHA Review


COVID-19 has changed what we do for infection control, what we wear for PPE, how we greet our patients and what our practices looks like. However, there are common mistakes dental professionals make that undermine safety precautions and infection control. Over the last year, Leslie has seen many well-intentioned dental team members make grave errors with infection prevention. Learn to recognize breaches so you can take steps to protect your patients, practice, and team while managing SARV-CoV-2 in 2021. 

Learning outcomes: 

  1. Understand the risk of using off label disinfectants. 
  2. Recognize the common use and misuse of masks, respirators, and other PPE. 
  3. Understand the importance of COVID plans/training and connect behaviors to infection transmission. 

CDA thanks OSHA Review for their support of this program.