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Consent in the Era of COVID-19


Explore obtaining informed consent for treatment given the current risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Recorded: June 05, 2020
Topic: Informed Consent
C.E. Units Available: 1.5
C.E. Type: Core
Speaker(s): Art Curley, JD | Moderated by Trina Cervantes, RDH, Risk Management Analyst
Presented by: TDIC


The COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges and obstacles to the dental profession. Governmental orders to shelter in place have severely limited the ability to see patients. At the same time, the practice of dentistry presents one of the highest exposures to COVID-19 in health care due to aerosol-producing treatment and working in the oral cavity, both primary sources of transmission. This course will explore the potential of obtaining patient consent for treatment given the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Mr. Curley will review the new legal standards for infection control and patient management. Explore the law of consent, informed consent and the legal potential for the assumption of risk by patients. This course will also offer direction on documenting consent and reducing the risk of litigation or claims in the event a patient or staff member contracts COVID-19.

Learning Outcomes

  1.     Understand the law of consent, informed consent and assumption of the risk.
  2.     Understand the limits and application of Patient Signed Acknowledgement of Risks.