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Tell Gov. Newsom to provide relief from dental plans, state budget

CDA continues to urge Gov. Newsom and legislators to protect access to dental care in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The governor and legislators are entering final negotiations on the state budget (June 15 deadline) and considering a variety of proposals that could help ease some of the burden Californians are facing right now. CDA is asking dentists to contact the governor immediately, emphasizing the need for direct support from dental plans to dentists and urging him to support the Legislature's budget proposal to continue $1.2 million in Proposition 56 rate increases for Medi-Cal providers, protect funding for the physician and dentist loan repayment grant, and rejecting the proposed cut to adult dental benefits.

Additionally, CDA is urging legislators and Governor Newsom to require dental plans to provide targeted stabilization assistance to practices suffering financial hardships due to COVID-19.Dental plans continue to collect millions in premiums from employers and enrollees even as dental offices have had extremely low patient volume or been closed altogether for more than two months. Stabilization grants based on a percentage of three months lost revenue and reasonable reimbursement for significant new PPE costs would be a bridge to allow practices to pay staff and other expenses while they are grappling with the challenges of getting back to practice at full capacity. Dental benefit plans must be held accountable to helping address the crisis that COVID-19 is having on access to essential dental care.

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