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CDA Journal June research collection on dentistry and mental health

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“Being the CDA rep for the Dugoni class of 2023 has been an amazing experience. California Dental Association is progressive, innovative, and responsive to the needs of its members and student members.

—Michael Ricupito, DDS ’23 (UOP)

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Transforming dental operations: The role of AI in streamlining back-office functions

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a buzzword in the technological landscape; it has become a pivotal force in transforming...

June 12, 2024    Practice Management
Dentistry & Mental Health Journal California Dental Association
CDA Journal discusses integration of behavioral and oral health in dentistry

COVID-19 has accelerated trends in mental health issues that have been emerging over the last few decades. And dentistry, as...

June 11, 2024    Patient Care
Fluoridation exposure misinformation spreads due to circulation of a flawed study

While dissemination of clinical studies can help enlighten researchers, health care providers and patients, the circulation of flawed studies can...

June 3, 2024    Public Health