Top speakers to headline CDA Presents San Francisco

Some of dentistry’s most captivating speakers will be headlining CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in San Francisco, Aug. 15 to 17, with innovative lectures and educational workshops. Both dentists and their staffs have an opportunity to learn new things about the profession at CDA Presents.

Following are some of the presenters.

For Dentists

Jeff Brucia Jeff J. Brucia, DDS, is an esthetic and restorative dentist in San Francisco and is the co-director of the FACE institute where he chairs the department of Esthetics and Adhesive Material Science. He is the 2011 recipient of the Gordon J. Christensen Lecturer Recognition Award. Brucia will lead lectures on restorative materials and achieving clinical excellence with esthetic posterior restorations.
Stephen Buchanan

L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD, maintains a private practice limited to endodontics and implant surgery. He is the founder of Dental Education Laboratories, a hands-on training center serving general dentists and endodontists. Buchanan will lead a lecture and workshop on the “art of endodontics.’

Terrence Donovan

Terrence E. Donovan, DDS, is a professor and section head of biomaterials in the Department of Operative Dentistry at the University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill. Donovan will lead a lecture on how to diagnose early signs of dental erosion and implement strategies to prevent it from continuing and also a lecture on contemporary ceramic materials in terms of their esthetic potential and evidence base related to likely longevity.

Robert Lowe

Robert A. Lowe, DDS, FAGD, FICD, FADI, FACD maintained a full-time practice for 30 years, and is a world-recognized teacher and clinician. He taught for 10 years at Loyola University School of Dentistry. Lowe will lead a lecture on clinical treatment planning and problem solving, diagnosis and correction for optimal biologic health and advances in composite restorative dentistry.

K. William Mopper

K. William Mopper, DDS, MS, is in private practice and is recognized as a pioneer in direct resin bonding. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois and co-founder of Cosmedent Inc. Mopper will lead a lecture on “The Art and Science of Invisible Restorations” and a workshop on lifelike direct resin restorations.


International Symposia

Takashi Watanabe

Takashi Watanabe, DDS, currently maintains a private practice in Iwaki, Fukushima in Japan, and is a clinical professor and assistant director of continuing dental education at Meikai University School of Dentistry. He is president of the Japan Academy of Clinical Dentistry, and a member of the American Academies of Esthetic Dentistry and Periodontology. Watanabe will lead lectures on multidisciplinary treatment approaches to complicated malocclusion cases and clinical applications of orthodontic treatment in the esthetic zone.

Kiyokazu Minami

Kiyokazu Minami, DDS, has maintained a private practice in Osaka, Japan, since 1990. He is the former chair of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry and lectures for continuing education programs at Meikai University and Asahi University in Japan. Minami will lead lectures on considerations for natural teeth and anterior implant aesthetic restoration and treating cases of occlusal destruction with full mouth reconstruction.


Programs for Office Staff

Nancy L. Andrews

Nancy L. Andrews, RDH, BS, graduated from and taught at USC, and practiced dental hygiene for 20 years. She is a professor at West Coast University, Dental Hygiene. Andrews will lead a workshop on instrument sharpening, and lectures on ergonomics and epidemics and evolving pathogens.

Teresa Duncan

Teresa Duncan, MS, is an international speaker who focuses on revenue and management issues. She is a fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Managers. Duncan will lead lectures on the foundations of dental office management, how to manage your insurance cycle effectively and tips for revenue management.

Kim Miller

Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH, is co-founder of PerioFrogz.com, a lead profitability coach with Inspired Hygiene, a published author and a columnist for RDH Magazine. Miller will lead lectures on product and technology integration for the dental hygienist and periodontal therapy and treatment planning.

For more information about courses and to register for CDA Presents in San Francisco, visit cdapresents.com.

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