Top five attractions at CDA Presents in San Francisco

CDA Presents continues to expand its educational opportunities for members, and the San Francisco convention on Sept. 4-6 will be yet another example of that.

Attendees can expect comprehensive presentations and the newest dental equipment that is out there because CDA is one of the premier venues for displaying new products on the expansive exhibit hall floor. CDA Presents also offer dentists and staff the ability to talk amongst their peers.

“We expect this show to be one of the best we have put on in San Francisco. We strive to adapt and enhance our programs based on what members want and need to help them better their practices,” said Del Brunner, DDS, CDA Presents Board of Managers chair.

CDA Presents in San Francisco will feature the following “Top Five” attractions.


Detection and Diagnosis of Oral Lesions for the General Practitioner: A Hands-on Cadaver Course (led by Homayon Asadi, DDS, and William M. Carpenter, DDS, MS). This workshop will provide proper head and neck examination and hands-on experience in oral mucosal and soft-tissue biopsy techniques. Use of appropriate instruments, biopsy site selection, tissue procurement, specimen fixation and relationship with the pathology laboratory also will be covered.

Local Anesthesia Cadaver Dissection (led by Alan W. Budenz, DDS, and Mel Hawkins, DDS). This workshop will cover the anatomy, landmarks, skull locations, insertion points and needle pathways for the inferior alveolar, mental and advanced (higher) mandibular nerve blocks such as the Gow-Gates and Akinosi techniques and a complete maxillary division nerve block, as well as the use of other blocks and infiltrations. Analysis of the neurovasculature, muscles of mastication and accessory innervations in the dissected fields will allow direct visualization and better understanding of local anesthesia.

Practice Assessment: How Healthy Is Your Business? (led by Michael W. Perry, DDS, and Robyn Thomason, CDA Practice Support director). This lecture will help dentists understand the key practice assessments that keep a practice healthy and strong. Attendees will learn how to “diagnose” the business problems, develop a “treatment plan” of solutions and implement that plan as well as how to identify when it’s time to bring on a consultant to help implement changes and train the dental team.

Restorative Dentistry — International Symposia

Functional and Esthetic Commitment Dentition (Led by Miguel Angel Diez Gurtubay, MsC). This lecture will teach attendees how to design a treatment plan of a functionally and esthetically compromised anterior segment. It will provide an overview of surgical alternatives based on tissues (soft tissue anatomy, bone volume and density). Attendees will learn the steps and techniques used from diagnosis up to cementation of a restoration in natural teeth and on implants in patients with esthetic and functional compromise.

Alternatives to Surgical-Prosthetic Implants in the Absence of a Central Incisor (Led by Miguel Angel Diez Gurtubay, MsC). This lecture will review the surgical techniques used to place central incisor implants, from clinically ideal to compromised alveolar situations. The creation of an emergence profile via prosthetic design and fabrication of different personalized attachments, including prosthetic solutions when there is a loss of bone and gingival tissue contours will also be covered.

Treatment of the Edentulous Maxillary  (Led by Miguel Angel Diez Gurtubay, MsC) This lecture will provide an overview of the surgical-prosthetic techniques in the edentulous superior arch. Treatment design based on identification of maxillary atrophy, narrow crests or pneumatized sinuses will be covered. This course will provide a step-by-step review of definitive metal/acrylic prosthesis, CAD/CAM and translucent zirconium development. Dentists will learn the different techniques used to solve the most common problems encountered in patients with maxillary atrophy.

Exhibit Hall Floor

With numerous new product launches and more than 375  companies filling the vibrant exhibit hall floor, CDA Presents is one of the most anticipated dental conferences in the U.S. It’s the place to discover the latest innovations in dentistry. Attendees can explore 80,000 square feet of dental innovation. Staggered class schedules also allow attendees more time to conduct business on the exhibit hall floor. The CDA Presents Board of Managers did this to create a situation where the exhibitor floor midday foot traffic was less overwhelming for attendees. The board accomplished this by moving the start time for some of the classes to 8 a.m. This gives more people an opportunity to see all the great dental products available.

Headlining Speakers

Speakers with the biggest names in dentistry are a huge draw to the convention and this year is no exception. Their insights and inspiration will help dentists and staff excel in every aspect of dentistry. Some of dentistry’s most captivating speakers will be headlining CDA Presents in San Francisco, with innovative lectures and educational workshops. Both dentists and their staffs have an opportunity to learn new things about the profession at CDA Presents. See all of the CDA Presents San Francisco headlining speakers on Page 3 of the Preliminary Program.  


In addition to the informative lectures and exciting new dental products on display, San Francisco makes for an exciting setting to mingle with colleagues in the evenings. The CDA Party will take place at the California Academy of Sciences on Friday, Sept. 5 from 7 to 10 p.m. There are several restaurants near the Moscone Center as well, including North Beach Restaurant (1512 Stockton St.), Jillian’s (101 4th St.), La Briciola Restaurant (489 Third St.), Rocco’s Cafe (1131 Folsom St.), Cesario’s Fine Food (601 Sutter S.), Waiters On Wheels (5425 Mission St.) and Firenze By Night (1429 Stockton St.). Not to mention an array of museums that are open in the evenings. For more information on the CDA Party, visit cdapresents.com. For more information about San Francisco, visit the San Francisco Visitors Bureau website.

Engage and Inspire Your Staff

The CDA Presents Board of Managers strives to make sure all attendees, including staff, have the opportunity to learn from the most successful names in dentistry. At CDA Presents in San Francisco, office staff will be able to glean some key takeaways on subjects such as effective communication skills, how to deal with difficult people, hands-on social media tips, the top five skills every administrative team member must master, trends in dental insurance and diagnosing and treatment challenges of periodontal diseases.

Dentists can have their staffs attend profession-specific lectures and workshops.

Staff members also enjoy having the time to get to know their colleagues outside of the traditional office setting.

Registration for CDA Presents in San Francisco is now open.

Updated: 06/11/14