Top 5 CDA Practice Support Resources in July

CDA Practice Support is designed to help dentists navigate the business side of dentistry with ease, as it is chock-full of valuable resources to help them run their practices.

Below are the top five trending CDA Practice Support resources in the categories of practice management, employment practices, dental benefit plans and regulatory compliance.

Employee Informed Refusal of Post-Exposure Medical Evaluation

An employer must offer and provide a medical evaluation to an employee who has been exposed to bloodborne pathogens. Use this form to document an employee's refusal of the evaluation. This form is part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual.

Credit Card Authorization Form  

Utilize this form when offering your patients automatic credit card payments.

Employment Alternative Workweek

If an alternative workweek is not properly implemented, the employer could face fines related to overtime pay. Use these resources to ensure all details are met and properly reported to the Department of Labor and Statistics following the adoption of an alternative workweek.

Evaluating Dental Benefit Plans Checklist

Whether you have recently purchased a practice and inherited the previous owner's dental benefit plans, are just starting out and in need of new patients, or have been in practice for some time and want to evaluate the return on your investment with the current plans accepted in your practice, this checklist provides a list of questions and items to consider in your analysis. The checklist to consider when looking to participate in a new plan is different than the list to review when evaluating the existing plans accepted in your practice. Therefore, this checklist is divided into two sections based on evaluating "new dental benefit plans" and "existing dental benefit plans."

9 Ideas for Increasing Patient Loyalty

Gaining new patients in your practice is only one aspect of a growing, productive practice — do you know what to do to keep them coming back? This article explores several key ideas in retaining a solid, satisfied patient base.

CDA Practice Support resources are available to CDA members and can be accessed via the orange tabs on the right side of cda.org/practicesupport.

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