The new cda.org celebrates one-year anniversary

One year ago this month, CDA launched the new cda.org to provide members with an enhanced experience, greatly improved technology and more timely information.

Since last November, the new site has received more than 243,000 unique visits totaling nearly 1.3 million page views. Mobile usage continues to climb — 25 percent of all traffic to the now mobile-friendly cda.org over the last year has been from a mobile device.

“The numbers speak for themselves — the new cda.org, along with the mobile apps, ePubs and email newsletter launched earlier this year, continue to demonstrate CDA’s commitment to providing its members with multiple platforms to receive their information,” said CDA President Lindsey Robinson, DDS.

Other notable enhancements to the site have included:

  • Incorporating the Practice Support Center’s Compass website (with its hundreds of helpful resources for dentists) and the Endorsed Programs website into cda.org, centralizing a wealth of content in a single location to provide easier access and integration for members.
  • Expanding the online archive of the Journal of the California Dental Association to provide 15 years’ worth (all the way back to 1998) of issues.
  • Greatly expanded and regularly updated “News & Events” section, with several new stories published to the site every week, topic categories and related content links and a significantly improved, expansive events calendar for all CDA events.
  • Zip code radius searching for low cost dental clinics (CDA’s most popular public-focused area of the site, with more than 30,000 page views in the last year).

Online classifieds also were completely revamped and expanded, and have proven to be popular with site visitors. The classifieds section of cda.org, for example, saw the most pageviews over the last year (second only to the homepage itself.)

With streamlined content organization and presentation, the new cda.org provides easily accessible information on practice support, education, advocacy, protection and community resources. And with a responsive new design, the site adapts to the device being used — from desktop to tablet to smartphone.