Reduce overhead with CDA endorsed exam gloves

They’re something used in dental offices every day, in fact, thousands of times a year, to reduce the risk of infection – exam gloves.

According to CDA Endorsed Program PureLife Dental, the average dental practice with three chairs goes through 14 boxes of gloves per week – which adds up to 60 boxes per month, 720 boxes per year, or 72,000 gloves – costing more than $10,000 a year.

Glove prices vary by supplier, so dentists may be paying more than necessary.

“Respectively, inexpensive gloves often come at the expense of lesser-quality materials with less tactile sensitivity and tear resistance, potentially putting you and your patients’ safety at risk,” said Rodney Hanoon, CEO of PureLife. “Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for a great glove price. Our gloves are made of high-quality latex, nitrile and vinyl. PureLife gloves come factory-direct and are unique in fit, feel and comfort.”

CDA members receive an additional five percent off PureLife’s prices, plus free shipping and free next-day delivery within the state of California.

In addition, PureLife routinely monitors trends affecting the glove market. According to Hanoon, the rising price of oil has driven up the cost of synthetic latex, increasing demand for natural rubber latex.

“Prices of these materials have trended upward since 2009 and are passed on to dentists through higher glove prices,” Hanoon said.

To combat the volatility of this market, PureLife offers an option to “lock in” glove prices for practices wanting to hedge against a price increase.

To order, or to learn more about PureLife’s lock-in pricing, call 877.777.3303 and mention promo code CDAGLOVE, or visit PureLifeDental.com/CDA and enter promo code CDAGLOVE at checkout.