Providers join forces to protect California’s health care system

CDA has joined a broad coalition of more than 100,000 California physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, community clinics and pharmacists in a new effort to protect the gains California has made under the Affordable Care Act and improve California’s health care system.

The Coalition to Protect Access to Care will actively oppose efforts in Washington to repeal and replace the ACA, which would strip health insurance from millions of Californians. Additionally, in California, the coalition is opposed to SB 562, which would dismantle the health care marketplace and destabilize the state’s economy.

California has made great strides under the ACA, expanding care to more than 5 million Californians who were previously without health coverage. California is proof that the ACA can work. The coalition will work with lawmakers to promote solutions that will continue to expand coverage to the remaining 2-3 million Californians without access to care and bring down the cost of care for patients.

Nearly 60 percent of Californians view the ACA favorably and only 18 percent want the law repealed, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.

With so much uncertainty in our nation’s politics, now is not the time to walk away from the ACA in favor of establishing a new and undefined health care system that would wreak havoc on our patients’ health and the Golden State’s economy.

Learn more about the coalition.

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The following is a statement from Natasha Lee, DDS, president of the California Dental Association regarding Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed 2018-19 state budget that was released today.

Despite broad bipartisan support, Congress neglected to take action to extend Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP) funding before it expired Sept. 30. The consequences of Congress’ delay are creating stressful uncertainty for states and families across the country. Sixteen states, including California, will run out of funding for the CHIP program by the end of January. CDA is calling on its members to help protect coverage for children and hard-fought improvements in the Denti-Cal program.

A last-ditch health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act failed to advance in the Senate prior to the Sept. 30 budget reconciliation deadline. CDA, the California Medical Association and California Hospital Association sent letters to members of the California congressional delegation asking them to oppose the Graham-Cassidy Block Grant amendment to the American Health Care Act due to the negative implication for Californians.