Protecting your practice and future from unexpected, costly events

If your practice had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a fire or water damage, would you be prepared?

Commercial Property insurance is an important coverage to consider as a dental practice owner. This specific type of business insurance can help protect the property a dentist owns or leases, equipment, valuable papers loss of income and more.

TDIC recently evaluated its Commercial Property insurance offering and recognized a need to provide policyholders with more options. This resulted in distinct modifications, including offering two coverage options: Business Owner's and Lessor's Risk policies.

"From a significant occurrence to a major catastrophe, TDIC wants to make sure our policyholders and their livelihood are protected. By developing a comprehensive suite of products in the Commercial Property category, we are equipped to provide the unique coverage dentists need to protect their property," said Chris Stafford, TDIC director of business development.

Specifically designed for dental practices, TDIC's Commercial Property Business Owner's policy provides coverage for the building and/or dental office contents as well as coverage for areas associated with the dental practice's operations, such as loss of dental practice income, accounts receivable, valuable papers, employee dishonesty, extra expenses generated because of a covered loss and much more.

This coverage is tailored to include coverage for many of the exposures a practice owner needs in the event of a loss such as fire, water damage or theft.

TDIC now also offers a Commercial Property Lessor's Risk policy that provides protection for a dentist as a building owner. This policy includes coverage for the building, automatic coverage for loss of rental income, ordinance or law coverage and general liability coverage tailored to a dentist's building ownership.

TDIC also has added new deductible options of $2,500 and $5,000, in addition to the current $500 and $1,000.

Also when a dentist purchases TDIC's Professional & Dental Business Liability and Workers' Compensation insurance along with the Commercial Property coverage, they will receive a multiline discount on all three policies.

"Our Optimum Bundle is another example of how TDIC is committed to protecting our policyholders and providing tools to improve their bottom line," Stafford said.

For more information, visit tdicsolutions.com or call to speak to an insurance advisor at 800.733.0633.