Nearly 100 new product launches set for CDA Presents in Anaheim

The exhibit hall floor at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry will boast nearly 100 new dental product launches, allowing dentists the ability to stay current on the latest trends in the industry.

Located in the Anaheim Convention Center, the exhibit hall floor is 135,000 square feet and will feature 575 exhibiting companies. In total there will be 97 new product launches happening at CDA Presents.

Below are a few of the new products as well as other cool products that dentists and their teams will not want to miss as they browse the exhibit hall floor.

New Product Launches

WWE Singing Toothbrush, by Brush Buddies (Booth 220) – A new tooth brush that pumps music for two minutes while you brush. The brush has a two-button design featuring two songs, one for the morning and one for the evening. It features an ergonomic design, cleans plaque in hard-to-reach places and has a tongue cleaner for a whole mouth clean.

Isovac, by Isolite Systems (Booth 1746) – The new Isovac by Isolite Systems turns a standard HVE into an assistant. Attach the Isolite Mouthpiece, place it, and it holds the patient’s mouth open, retracts the tongue and continuously suctions throughout the procedure. The Isovac is ideal for SRP, ultrasonic scaling and sealants.

Philips Sonicare for Kids, by Philips (Booth 2218) The new Philips Sonicare For Kids has an updated look and eight interchangeable face stickers to offer results while the child learns. It offers the same plaque removal and Sonic technology of previous products, but with kid-friendly power levels and compliance features to make brushing fun.

BioBibs, by PureLife Dental (Booth 312) BioBib is an eco-friendly dental bib that contains 100 percent recycled paper and comes in recycled content packaging. With the BioBib, there’s no trade off between infection control and the environment. The price also is comparable to that of a regular bib.

SFI Bar Implant Abutments, by Sterngold (Booth 1673) An innovative bar solution for removable dentures on 2-6 implants in both upper and lower jaws. With a manageable number of prefabricated system components, accurately fitting bar restorations can quickly be fabricated for almost any clinical situation. The SFI-Bar is compatible with most popular implant systems.

EyeSpecial C-II Digital Dental Camera, by Shofu Dental Corporation (Booth 1128) – This camera was designed specifically for dentistry and features eight pre-set dental shooting modes, a lightweight body design and a water and chemical resistant outer surface, which is essential for infection control. Shofu Dental Corporation says “intuitive one-touch operations make for fast, easy and consistent images every time.”

Microflex Neoguard exam gloves, by Microflex (Booth 1686) Microflex says these exam gloves have “unmatched stretchy soft comfort and excellent wet grip performance all in a non-latex glove.” The gloves are built with a non-latex polychloroprene formulation that allows for wet and dry grip. They also are polymer coated for easy donning, especially on damp hands.

Other Cool Products (Located at The Spot on the Exhibit Hall Floor)

ScanX Swift, by Air Techniques (Booths 316, 416) a chair-side digital radiography system. Air Techniques says ScanX Swift has flexible phosphor sensors that will allow dentists to capture “up to 38 percent more imaging area.” The company also says the sensors are more comfortable than traditional film.

Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield, by Colgate (Booth 1316) – Colgate says this mouthwash has a “0.075 percent CPC formula that provides 12 hours of antibacterial protection, even after eating and drinking.” The mouthwash also reduces aerosolized oral bacteria when used as a pre­procedural rinse, according to Colgate.

E-Patient Statements, by DentalXChange (Booths 346, 608) DentalXChange’s statement processing service eliminates printing and mailing statements to patients. Connected with DentalXChange's PayConnect Merchant Services, dentists can offer their patients the convenience of paying their bills online with E-Patient Statements. DentalXChange says this will "cuts costs, gives patients more payment options and increases your practice’s revenue and efficiency."

For more information about CDA Presents, visit cdapresents.com.

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