Moving away from an 'all-metal mouth'
In the third part of a CDA Presents Speaker Spotlight series highlighting the various topics that will be covered at CDA Presents in Anaheim, CDA Update staff spoke with John O. Burgess, DDS, MS, an active clinical trial investigator who evaluates posterior composites, adhesives, digital impression systems and biomimetic materials. Burgess is the assistant dean for clinical research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
March 1 HIPAA deadline for dentists approaching
Dentists have until March 1 to report a HIPAA-compliance issue to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (HHS). Specifically, HIPAA-covered practices must report any breach of its electronic patient information that may have affected fewer than 500 people by that date. Breaches that may have affected more than 500 people have more strict timelines as practices only get a 60-day window to report the incident.
CDA continues legal challenge against Delta
In a Superior Court hearing scheduled for late March in San Francisco, CDA will counter motions made by Delta Dental regarding CDA’s legal action filed last year. During the hearing, which was postponed from January, a judge is expected to hear arguments on two Delta motions — one to dismiss the case and the other challenging CDA’s standing as an association to represent the interests of its members in court.
California Supreme Court decision preserves MICRA cap
Last week, the California Supreme Court sent a clear message that it will not be accepting arguments on the constitutionality of MICRA’s non-economic damages cap at this time. This is very good news for CDA and other members of a statewide coalition that played a significant role in the November defeat of Proposition 46, an attempt to significantly increase the $250,000 cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.
Coalition proposes Medi-Cal rate increase legislation
CDA continues to work with other health care organizations to address the worsening access crisis for Medi-Cal patients and the extremely low provider reimbursement rates in the Medi-Cal program. New legislation introduced last week would not only reverse the 10 percent reimbursement rate cut the state began implementing in 2013, but also raise Medi-Cal reimbursement rates to the equivalent of what the federal Medicare program pays.
Communicating with patients of different ethnicities
A dental practice welcomes many people through its doors with different backgrounds and ethnicities. It is important for the dentist and staff to understand different communication methods. Each dental office should have an implementation strategy that has a vision of how they will offer their services to a diverse population.
CDA offers radiation safety information
A recent article published by Consumer Reports cautions readers about the radiation they receive from diagnostic imaging, noting the effects are cumulative over time and suggesting all those taken may not be necessary. Unfortunately, the article did not attempt to describe the conditions under which longer intervals between dental X-rays is warranted, nor did it discuss the oral conditions for which dental X-rays aid diagnosis.
Study: Patients prefer digital appointment reminders
In today’s technology world, automated systems play a key part in a dental practice’s patient recall efforts. A recent study that looked at patient scheduling preference trends found that appointment reminders via text message and email are more coveted by patients than direct mail and postcards. Specifically, 30 percent said they prefer text message, 28 percent prefer email, 25 percent prefer phone call and 17 percent prefer direct mail.
Whether to opt in or out as a Medicare provider
A requirement dentists need to keep in mind this year is the designation of their status with the Medicare program. CDA is receiving an increasing number of inquiries about what to consider when choosing your status. Conversations with the ADA and the Medicare administrator for California indicate that additional information, and reminders about the requirement, will be needed as the deadline nears.
CDA member begins tenure as Assembly member
Jim Wood, DDS, a general dentist in Cloverdale since 1987, is settling into office after winning the 2nd Assembly District seat in last November’s election. Wood now serves as the only dentist in the California Legislature and in addition to representing the residents in his district, which covers all or part of Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity and Sonoma counties, he plans to advocate for the profession. CDA Update staff recently spoke to Wood about how his new role in the Legislature is going and what he plans to focus on moving forward.
CDA Cares spotlights state oral health needs
The CDA Foundation is hosting a CDA Cares volunteer dental event in Sacramento next month, and the timing of the March 27-28 clinic couldn’t be better. The recent swearing-in of a large group of new state legislators will provide CDA with an opportunity to educate policymakers about the importance of oral health and the need for an adequately funded dental safety net in California.
Precautionary measures in aftermath of measles scare
As California grapples with a large measles outbreak, now numbering 107 cases as of Feb. 9, health officials highly recommend health care professionals and their staff get the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) combination vaccination, if they have not already been immunized.
Learning roles of each dental team member
New to CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim is a C.E. lecture series that provides the entire dental team an opportunity to learn about topics that relate specifically to their role within the practice. The “360 Experience” is a full-day C.E. program hosted by four industry-leading, nationally recognized speakers on Friday, May 1.
Dentists targeted by misleading labor law notices
Two CDA members in Southern California have contacted CDA about a notice asking for money to receive “current compliant State and Federal 2015 Employment Posters.” The notice instructs dentists to “detach the coupon and return in the enclosed envelope with your processing fee of $84.00” to get “mandatory compliance state and federal posters.”
FTC drops investigation of Yelp's business practices
Further solidifying Yelp’s ability to continue to conduct its current method of review filtering, a subject that has long been a concern of dentists, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has dropped a review of its practices brought by complaints from small-business owners. This is the second time such an investigation of Yelp has been dropped by the FTC.
Dentists cited for not having Cal/OSHA required plans
The failure to have written plans for exposure control (blood-borne pathogens), injury and illness prevention, and hazard communication continues to be a problem for California dentists. A CDA analysis of Cal/OSHA citations and penalties assessed for dental practices from October 2013 through September 2014 shows that these three topics are at the top of the list of most common inspections and citations.
Learn how to implement telehealth dental care
Dentists interested in expanding the ways in which they provide services to patients outside of their practice can attend a lecture about telehealth-connected teams at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry April 30-May 2. Led by Paul Glassman, DDS, MBA, the lecture, titled “Expanding Dental Practices Using Telehealth-Connected Teams and Virtual Dental Homes,” will delve into the options dentists will have in the near future to make a greater impact in their communities.
Get discounted license to play waiting room movies
In order for dentists to show or display a movie in their offices, they need to obtain a public performance license. Failing to comply with the copyright law can result in significant penalties. To help dentists remain in compliance, the ADA has negotiated an agreement with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) that gives ADA members the opportunity to obtain a reduced-rate license to exhibit movies and other audiovisual programs at their offices in a copyright-compliant manner.
Buying or starting a practice - what you need to know
Dentists who are buying/building a practice, or simply interested in learning how to maximize their practice’s value, can attend CDA Practice Support’s “Buying or Starting a Practice – What You Need to Know” seminars. The seminars will feature a unique panel of experts representing various fields within the dental arena to provide dentists with the knowledge they need to take the next steps in their dental careers.
Download Kids' Healthy Mouths materials
The Ad Council’s Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign offers educational materials for dentists to share with children and parents about the importance of brushing for two minutes, twice a day. The online toolkit, which can be found at, contains oral health fact sheets, posters, videos and graphics that can be easily downloaded for display in offices or posting on social media. The Toothsavers brushing game, a mobile app, is also available for downloading.
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