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11/13/2014 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Dental Insurance: What practice model is best for you?


“Managing Dental Benefit Plans in Your Practice,

So They Don’t Manage You”


Michael Perry, DDS

Director of Practice Management

California Dental Association


Speaking at the Washington Dental Association


Course Description

This course explains the current dental benefits marketplace and it’s effect upon traditional private practice dentistry. Background information is provided including the history of dental benefits, the types of dental benefit plans, and the prevalence of these plans in the marketplace. The current economic realities of operating a dental practice are then described.

Participants are taught how to assess their practices to determine if a change in their relationship to contracted dental benefit plans is feasible, followed by a methodology for making transitions into or out of contracts.


Course Objectives

1)      Understand the types of dental benefit plans and how they function

2)      Understand how to assess sources of profitability in a private dental practice

3)      Learn to assess the feasibility of transitioning into or out of a dental benefits contract


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