Discussion on pediatric dental anesthesia legislation to continue in 2018

More discussion is in store for Senate Bill 501, the CalAOMS-sponsored legislation introduced by Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) early this year to improve safety in pediatric dental anesthesia. 

SB 501 is one of two bills developed to address and implement the recommendations made by the Dental Board of California in its December 2016 report. CDA supports the bill and had proposed amendments to help streamline the permitting process and align personnel and training requirements for minimal and moderate sedation with national guidelines.

As CDA previously reported, on July 11 the Assembly Business and Professions Committee passed the bill on a bipartisan, unanimous vote. Despite that the bill garnered significant legislative support, the Assembly Committee on Appropriations held the bill in order to further assess its fiscal impact. 

AB 224, another pediatric dental anesthesia bill introduced this year by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D-Richmond), was held by the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee in July over policy disagreements between the author and the committee. Neither bill will move forward this year, but both are considered “two year” bills and could move in 2018.

"What this means for CDA members and all stakeholders is that discussion of pediatric anesthesia safety will continue into 2018,” said CDA Government Affairs Council Chair John Blake, DDS. “CDA will continue working to ensure that the legislation ultimately passed addresses the dental board’s recommendations to improve safety in pediatric dental anesthesia while ensuring access to care is not disrupted.”

CDA will keep members informed about the bill’s status on cda.org and in the CDA Update.

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Of the three bills introduced in the Legislature early this year to improve safety in pediatric dental anesthesia, only Senate Bill 501 (Glazer, D-Orinda), which CDA supports, will advance in the current legislative session. The Assembly Business and Professions Committee on July 11 passed SB 501 on a bipartisan, unanimous vote.