Dental Board cracks down on unlicensed dentistry

The Dental Board of California recently began a large-scale enforcement effort against the unlicensed practice of dentistry in Southern California.

The Southern California Unlicensed Dentistry (SCUD) Task Force was established by the Dental Board's enforcement unit and has been  investigating numerous reports of  unlicensed dentistry being offered in a wide variety of settings. In some instances, individuals were providing dental treatment out of homes and vehicles.

In recent months, the SCUD program has carried out extensive surveillance and undercover operations and has identified more than 100 possible unlicensed cases throughout  Southern California.

The Dental Board discussed the matter at its Nov. 21 board meeting. The staff report provided at the meeting indicated that there were 27 cases still open and nine search warrants against people practicing dentistry without a license.

“CDA applauds the Dental Board for its actions to protect patients from the dangers of unlicensed dentistry,” said CDA President James Stephens, DDS. “The sanitary conditions alone in many of these so-called ‘practices’ were appalling and placed vulnerable people at serious risk. This situation underscores the importance of CDA’s ongoing efforts to address the access to care problem in California, so that as many people as possible can have a dental home with a licensed dentist.” 

For more information about the Dental Board’s actions related to this matter, visit dbc.ca.gov.