CDA Presents to provide comprehensive experience in 2014

CDA Presents continues to expand educational opportunities for its members, and the Anaheim and San Francisco conventions in 2014 will be prime examples.

CDA Update staff spoke with Del Brunner, DDS, chair of the CDA Presents Board of Managers, about what attendees can expect at CDA Presents Anaheim, May 15-17 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and CDA Presents San Francisco, Sept. 4-6 at the Moscone South Convention Center.

There are a lot of headlining speakers scheduled for Anaheim. A few of those in the area of restorative dentistry include Drs. Gerard J. Chiche, Pascal Magne and Jeff J. Brucia. Can you talk about what attendees can expect from these speakers?

Dr. Chiche is a very well-respected aesthetic and restorative dentist, so he brings very interesting techniques and unique cases. Dr. Magne is a fascinating guy. He works out of USC doing research and development, and has some very interesting thoughts in terms of ideas and procedures within restorative dentistry. Along with being an excellent scientist, he practices as a dentist so he understands research and development and the practical issues dentists face on a daily basis. Dr. Magne also is personable with chair-side knowledge as a dentist as well as experience as a teacher.

Dr. Brucia is an excellent dentist and very much cutting-edge on materials and procedures and he practices full time as well. His enthusiasm is contagious.

What’s new this year with the cadaver workshop?

This will be a pretty unique program. In one of the dissection workshops, attendees will work in two- to three-member groups, with each group dissecting a half of a cadaver specimen. The benefit of a program like this is that dentists don’t get a chance to perform procedures quite like this after they complete their  formal dental school education.

CDA Presents in Anaheim and San Francisco will continue the International Symposia, which began last year. Attendees will learn about restorative dentistry from a doctor from Germany (Norbert Krämer) and a doctor from Mexico (Miguel Angel Diez Gurtubay). Talk about what these perspectives bring to the convention for attendees.

Attendees can expect very comprehensive presentations. The speakers are thoroughly vetted. We have sources in the U.S. and in the international community who help us find speakers who are well-respected in their home country and in the worldwide dental community. The speakers we have invited are well-known and highly regarded.

Dr. Krämer has access to different materials than we have seen in the U.S., and the same goes for Dr. Gurtubay, so attendees will be able to see how other countries approach dental problems in a different fashion.

Last year, Drs. Watanabe and Minami, who are from Japan, brought a very overarching view of every dental case, and gave us a different perspective in terms of diagnosis and periodontal disease from A to Z.

So if attendees want to see approaches to materials and treatment from a European and Latin American perspective, they won’t want to miss the International Symposia in Anaheim and San Francisco.

A big part of CDA Presents is the exhibitor floor, what can attendees expect in Anaheim this year?

You’re going to see the newest dental equipment that is out there because CDA is one of the premier venues for displaying new products. We’ve made an effort to make sure the booths are spaced well so the traffic flow is smooth and we’ve been very proactive in making sure the course times at Presents are staggered so there is a continuous flow of foot traffic rather than mad rushes all at once. This allows attendees to enjoy their time on the floor and maximize their browsing/shopping.

There are some changes coming this year for the CDA member party, correct?

We’re going to have the member party at the Hilton Anaheim this year with a live band and great food. It’s going to be an enjoyable experience this year for dentists, staff and all registration categories.  The theme will be Island Paradise so come and be prepared to enjoy some downtime during the meeting.

One of the great things about Anaheim is that the convention center is so close to a lot of things. Talk about the nightlife that attendees can take advantage of.

Of course, Disneyland and Downtown Disney are just down the street. There is an ESPN Zone and a lot of fun restaurants. Also, Newport Beach is just a short drive away. You can bring your families and spouses and go to several places. Before or after the convention you could even make a trip to Palm Springs.

What is the best way for dentists to register for the convention?

I encourage members to register ahead online on cdapresents.com. It can save you a ton of time and it’s very easy to do.

What will CDA Presents be providing for new dentists this year?

There are several courses geared toward new dentists and helping them with tips on how to land a job and start their own practice. But one of the things we are working on right now is the issue of student debt. We’re developing a course for students in San Francisco that will focus on ways they can structure their debt and identify the things to be cautious of.

We’re going to be very intentional about developing something along the management and financial administration aspects of the practice. With the amount of debt students are compiling out of dental schools these days, they have to be busy real quickly. So our courses will try to help dentists figure out ways to manage that debt and help them make decisions that are best for them and their practice.

Dentists work in their practices and sometimes don’t get out much in terms of professional meetings. What is unique about being able to go to a convention like this with peers, earn C.E. and see the profession on a much larger scale?

The ability to have staff talk amongst themselves will help them understand the issues they deal with on a daily basis are not unique to their world, and that is constructive. The educational programs and the exhibit floor allow for valuable time where dentists and staff can share ideas and talk about solutions. Our society in general is digital and is using electronic communication more and more and it begins to remove the personal parts of what we do. We don’t want to be on an island in dentistry. It is very important that we, as a profession, interact with one another and CDA Presents provides that opportunity, while offering C.E. at the same time.  

For more information about CDA Presents Anaheim and San Francisco, visit cdapresents.com.

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