CDA Presents attendees get a full dose of technology

CDA Presents San Francisco attendees got a full dose of dental technology at the Moscone Center, and it wasn’t only on the trade show floor, where more than 375 exhibitors spotlighted the latest in dental products.

It also was in the classroom where attendees took advantage of a three-day series of lectures and workshops on technology in dentistry.

Martin Jablow, DMD, FAGD, Paul H. Feuerstein, DMD, and John C. Flucke, DDS, led the lecture series dubbed “The Greatest Dental Technology Show." The series explored digital disease detection, digital impressions, CAD/CAM, new cone beam 3-D imaging and more.

“Technology is changing the face of dentistry on the basis of every two or three years we see a decent change in the way things are being done,” Flucke said. “Technology has really gotten itself intertwined into everything, whether it be restorative or treatment planning, implants, practice management. All of those things are now dependent on different technologies.”

On the first day of the technology series, the presenters got the attendees involved by allowing them to spin a “wheel of lecture topics” (topics included things like lasers, digital impressions, etc.). Individuals were selected to spin the wheel and the lecture topic was selected by the spin of the wheel. The participant then got to play another game of chance to win a prize.

“It lets us cover the topics we need to cover, but at the same time it is not in a stale environment, it’s in a fresh new environment that nobody has ever seen before, which is what technology is all about,” Flucke said.

The second segment of the Technology Show came in the form of several workshops. The workshops provided a detailed look into the shift from intraoral film to sensors and phosphor plates, current sensors, software and more.

“We split into four different workshops to go in to details on digital radiography, digital impression systems and CAD/CAM, some things with intra/oral cameras, digital diagnosis and some new products,” Feuerstein said.

Jablow said they tried to get across the fact that new technology in the dental world is all about helping dentists educate patients.

“It’s all about education … educating the dentist on the best ways that technology can help them treat their patients and also showing them ways to help educate the patient because as we have always learned, if you can’t have the patient accept the problem, they won’t accept the solution. So you need to take all the technologies, put them together for the benefit of the patient,” Flucke said.

Attendee Jani Schwerdtfeger, an RDA in Fremont, got to spin the “wheel of technology” and said the lecture was engaging and she learned a lot.

“The speakers were very good, they keep you going,” Schwerdtfeger said.

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