CDA launches Practice Advising to give dentists business guidance

To help member dentists on a more individual, personalized basis, CDA has launched CDA Practice Advising, an in-depth consulting service designed to help dentists practice smarter and increase their profitability.

The member-only Practice Advising will help dentists develop a vision statement and a customized action plan for their business and also give them an opportunity to enhance their skills through quarterly workshops on everything from leadership and treatment planning to financial policy and case presentation.

“We have developed a program that allows them to understand what is occurring in the marketplace and to alter, if necessary, their practice systems so they're appropriate for what's occurring today,” said CDA Director of Practice Management Michael Perry, DDS.

The program’s three areas of focus are practice management, regulatory compliance and employment. For a monthly fee, dentists will receive six in-office visits per year; five off-site workshops and a monthly one-hour scheduled call with a CDA practice advisor.

Practice Advising begins with an online self-assessment. For $199, dentists can use the online assessment to determine how their business is performing and what steps they may need to take to improve their practice. The online tool features questions in the following categories: leadership, employment management, scheduling, practice statistics, case presentation and dental benefit plans.

"The goals with the assessment are to determine the strengths and weaknesses in a practice and to see if it would benefit from expert help," Perry said.

The assessment will take between an hour and an hour and a half. In the “Practice Statistics” portion of the assessment, dentists will be asked to enter information such as their total net practice production, total net hygiene production, total staff costs and more. Other general questions in the assessment include, “How long do new patients have to wait to be scheduled?” “How confident are you in your insurance claims filing system?” and “How often do you hold staff meetings?”

Once the assessment has been completed, the dentist will be contacted over the phone and a time will be scheduled to review their results and discuss findings. Since the recommendations are customized for each dentist, the call may last up to one hour.

“The assessment allows us to get into the nuts and bolts of a practice and understand its efficiencies at a significant level of detail," Perry said. "Once a doctor has our diagnosis, they will be in a position to know what actions are possible and which would be best suited to their individual goals. These could include referencing resources on cda.org, professional advice and Practice Advising from CDA."

If a dentist chooses to sign up for CDA Practice Advising, the monthly fee is $2,275 and there is no long-term contract. So essentially, if a dentist decides they have achieved their desired results, they can stop.

“We didn’t want to have any daunting contracts, instead we want to work with dentists at their own pace and provide the guidance that they think is necessary until they meet the goals they have set for themselves based on the online self-assessment,” Perry said.

Dentists who complete the online assessment by Sept. 6 will receive a Smart Dentist T-shirt and be entered to win a $1,500 Amazon gift card*. To pick up their shirt and gift card and to learn more, dentists can visit the Member Benefits Center in Moscone South, Booth #802, at CDA Presents Sept. 4-6.

For more information on CDA Practice Advising, visit cda.org/advising.

*No purchase necessary. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Amazon.com, Inc. Full rules are available at cda.org/contestrules.