CDA’s 2019-20 Required Poster Set mails to practice owners in April

Several state and federal agencies require dental practices to conspicuously display specific health, safety and employee rights information in the office.

To help its members keep ahead of these posting requirements, CDA produces an easy-to-display poster set and regularly updates the set to reflect current regulations and compliance requirements. The 2019-20 Poster Set will be available this month and includes notices from, among others, the Employment Development Department and Department of Fair Employment and Housing, as well as updated notices regarding transgender rights in the workplace and safety and health protection on the job. (For more background on these new requirements, read “New and updated mandatory workplace postings from EDD, Cal/OSHA, others” published last November on cda.org and in the November Update.)

CDA will mail one 2019-20 Required Poster Set at no cost beginning in April to each member who is a confirmed practice owner. Members can order additional sets for $15 from the CDA Practice Support Store. Members may want to check their cda.org account profile to confirm they are identified as a practice owner and update their contact information if needed.

Although CDA generally updates the poster set every two years, employers are obligated to keep notices up to date as the notices change, and they should check their city and county ordinances for any local notice requirements.

Also, once employers receive the 2019-20 poster set, they should discard their old CDA posters.

“Only keep the current posters to avoid potentially confusing your employees,” stresses Michelle Corbo, employment practices analyst at CDA Practice Support.

Expect to receive your required poster set in the mail in late April or early May if you are identified as a practice owner as the delivery time is two to three weeks. Order additional sets at cda.org/posterset.

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All employers in California must meet workplace-posting obligations, which include printing and posting current mandatory notices where employees can see them. Employers should be aware of two required notices updated and released recently by the Employment Development Department and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, as well as updated notices on transgender rights in the workplace, protection of safety and health on the job and more.

Four experienced CDA Practice Support analysts are available to assist members with matters related to dental benefit plans, employment law and human resources, regulatory compliance and practice management. These specialized experts provide one-on-one guidance by email and phone and speak on timely topics at CDA’s biannual education convention. Together they’ve developed a full library of online resources that they expand upon and update throughout the year.