California Dental Board to undergo review

The Dental Board of California has released its 2014 Sunset Review Report to the state legislative bodies responsible for analyzing and approving the document.

The Sunset Review Report, which provides a summary of the status of the dental board and identifies areas of improvements, has been submitted to the Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection and hearings to discuss the report are expected to occur in March.  

Areas of particular interest to CDA during the Dental Board’s sunset review process are ensuring the addition of statutory language that exempts treatment of a spouse or domestic partner from the definition of sexual misconduct, and an in-depth analysis of the board’s budget and fee structure as it relates to projections for licensure renewal fees over the next decade.

Also, with the recent final approval of portfolio licensure for California dental students and implementation imminent, the Sunset Review Report lays out performance targets and expectations for the process. Additionally, with regard to licensure, during sunset review the board will consider alternative licensure options, including regional and national examinations.

The Dental Board of California was created by the California Legislature in 1885, and was originally established to regulate dentists. Today, the Dental Board, whose primary responsibility is protection of the public, is composed of 15 members, including eight practicing dentists, one registered dental hygienist, one registered dental assistant and five public members. It is responsible for regulating the practice of approximately 86,000 licensed dental health care professionals in California, including but not limited to approximately: 40,163 dentists, 44,230 registered dental assistants and 1,545 registered dental assistants in extended functions. In addition, the dental board is responsible for setting the duties and functions of approximately 50,000 unlicensed dental assistants. The Dental Board of California, as a whole, meets at least four times throughout the year to address work completed by the various committees.

Every four years, the dental board goes through a sunset review process to prove to the Legislature that it is functioning properly – budgeting, staff levels, customer satisfaction and the enforcement program are all part of the report and process.  

CDA will keep members updated on this process in the Update and on cda.org.