While you are busy with patients, CDA is working behind the scenes to provide you with resources to protect both your practice and profession. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and recent launch of Covered California, TDIC Insurance Solutions has dedicated a Member Service team to support our health care policyholders in understanding and navigating changes in the marketplace during the open enrollment process. Whether or not you are a current policyholder, the Member Service team can assist you with questions about your health care coverage. Call 1.800.733.0633 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to reach the TDIC Insurance Health Service team directly.
The Dentists Insurance Company

Three decades ago, a visionary group of CDA dentists decided it was time to do something about skyrocketing insurance premiums. They created The Dentists Insurance Company that today insures nearly 18,000 dentists nationwide and is endorsed by seven state dental associations and societies.

At TDIC and our brokerage TDIC Insurance Solutions, we only protect dentists.  We offer a comprehensive suite of Professional and Business Liability, Commercial Property, Workers’ Compensation, and Employment Practices Liability. Our Professional Liability rates have not increased in more than 20 years and we offer generous multipolicy discounts.

We are here to serve dentists which is why we want your experience with us to be exceptional. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Risk Management Advice Line

We understand how sensitive matters can become when they involve employees or patients. That’s why we offer complimentary, one-on-one assistance through our Risk Management Advice Line. You will receive confidential education, support and counsel to avoid or minimize a potential claim.  Give us a call. We are here to help.

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 5 pm PT

Peer Review

When a problem or misunderstanding cannot be resolved between you and a patient, we can help. Our council of dentist-member volunteers follows specific procedures to conduct peer reviews of disputes to help all parties involved reach a fair agreement. 

Peer Review Program

Our statewide peer review system is in place to resolve disputes that may arise in the delivery of dental services to the public; in particular, disputes regarding the quality and/or appropriateness of dental treatment, utilization (problems related to dental insurance benefits when treatment is questioned), and/or potentially irregular billing practices.

A peer review committee, comprised of CDA member-dentist volunteers, evaluates all available evidence pertaining to each dispute and follows specific procedures to make a fair and impartial determination. The parties involved are then notified of a committee’s decision by a letter of resolution. If any party to a review can factually demonstrate that a procedural error may have occurred, or that the decision was not based on available facts, an appeal to the Council on Peer Review may be requested. This appeal must be mailed within 30 days of the date the letter of resolution is sent. Any decision of an appeal panel is final and binding.

CDA Well-Being Program

The Well-Being Program exists to assist dental community members who suffer from alcohol and/or chemical dependency. It’s also a referral source for other disorders such as Bi-Polar, depression, diabetes, glaucoma, Parkinson’s, sexual addiction, sexual boundary issues and more. You can find additional information in our Well-Being Program FAQ.

If you believe someone has an alcohol or chemical dependency problem, contact CDA or a regional well-being committee near you for confidential assistance.

The High Cost of Shortcuts seminar
TDIC Optimum
In the News
Last chance to earn 5 percent TDIC discount


TDIC Professional Liability policyholders whose Risk Management premium discount expires soon should register for their last chance to complete TDIC's Risk Management seminar, The High Cost of Shortcuts. California dentists must successfully complete the seminar by April 25th to maintain and/or receive the discount. However, for those who attend the CDA Presents Risk Management seminars, the discount will apply to the July 1, 2014 renewal. In addition, registrants will earn 3.0 C.E.


The Dentists Insurance Company again earns "A" rating

The Dentists Insurance Company has announced its 20th consecutive year earning the A.M. Best Company’s “A” rating. The A.M. Best Company rating includes comparisons to peers and industry standards as well as assessments of operating plans, philosophy and management.


Use of Botox in dentistry is a fine line

As questions increase about the use of Botox in dentistry, The Dentists Insurance Company advises California dentists that the use of preparations such as Botox and Dysport must be within the scope of dental practice.