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Letter to Patients Regarding Dental Benefits - 11.17.14
Now is the best time to contact patients who have dental benefits available to use toward diagnosed treatment before the benefits expire at the end of the year. Reference the Letter to Patients Regarding Dental Benefits.
Trust in your team - 11.10.14
You can't do it alone. Trust in your team and delegate. Clearly defined staff roles and job descriptions eliminate confusion in the practice. When the team is on the same page and invested in the success of the practice, treatment acceptance is higher, patient's are happier and stress levels are lower.
Revitalize your practice vision statement - 11.03.14
It's a good time to start thinking about what goals you'd like to accomplish in the coming year.

Revitalize your current or create a practice vision statement to help you and your staff define practice goals and set a clear direction for the next 12 months.
Fluoridation levels - 10.27.14
Before prescribing fluoride, check the state Department of Public Health website for fluoridation levels in your patients' communities. The link to the site can be found on the External Links/Clinical Resources page at cda.org/practicesupport.
Schedule II drugs - 10.20.14
A prescription for a Schedule II drug can be called into a pharmacy for an after-hours emergency. The prescriber then must send within seven days to the pharmacy a written prescription on a tamper resistant form that indicates the prescription was called in on a specified date.
Discussing dental benefits with patients - 10.13.14
Tongue-tied when discussing dental benefit plans with your patients? Review Chapter 4 of the Dental Benefit Plan Handbook for sample scripts you and your team can customize for your practice.
Update current job descriptions - 10.06.14
When hiring new staff for your practice it's a good idea to review and update current job descriptions to ensure that all duties and responsibilities in the practice are clear for each employee.
Current Employee Manual - 09.29.14
A current employee manual ensures your policies and procedures stay consistent and fair. Employment laws change frequently, be certain to review your policies at least once a year to ensure you're staying current with standards and new laws.
Written financial agreement - 09.22.14
Are patients arriving for treatment unprepared for providing a payment? If so, be sure to complete a written financial agreement at every treatment plan discussion. Provide a copy of the agreement to the patient, which states payment is due before or at time of service.
Documenting a refusal for medical evaluation - 09.15.14
If, after exposure to blood or saliva, an employee refuses to have a medical evaluation (offered by the employer at no cost to the employee), be sure to document the refusal.
Billing for multi-visit dental procedures - 09.08.14
Most dental benefit plan contracts require that multi-visit dental procedures be billed at the completion of the patient's treatment. Review your participating dental provider agreement to learn more.
Dispensing controlled substances - 09.01.14
If you dispense controlled substances to your patients, you must file regular reports with the state Department of Justice CURES program. "Dispensing" does not include the administration or prescribing of drugs.
Cost-effective in the office - 08.25.14
Understand how to be cost-effective and how to get the best results at the least possible investment. This can be different from going with the cheapest option. There have been many improvements over the years in different products that are much more efficient. Example: Temporary crown materials.
How to store compressed gas cylinders - 08.18.14
Cylinders of compressed gas must be stored away from heat sources, and in well-ventilated and well-protected locations. The cylinders shall be stored or transported in a manner to prevent them from creating a hazard by tipping, falling or rolling.
Block scheduling system - 08.11.14
Utilize a block scheduling system that books 80% of your daily goal before lunch. In doing this, you will have a much lighter afternoon schedule and less pressure to hit your goals late in the day.
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