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Injury and Illness Prevention program - 08.04.14
Be sure to include in your practice's written Injury and Illness Prevention program procedures to screen patients for aerosol transmissible diseases, and to train employees on screening patients if you intend to be exempt from the Cal/OSHA ATD regulation.
Daily task tracking system - 07.28.14

Use a daily task tracking system to help keep your day organized. Make a list or utilize your office procedure manual to complete your daily tasks in order of priority. This will create fewer surprises at the end of the day and therefore lower the stress level of the office staff.

Use this housekeeping schedule to help get you started.

Refusing medical evaluation - 07.21.14

If, after exposure to blood or saliva, an employee refuses to have a medical evaluation (offered by the employer at no cost to the employee), be sure to document the refusal.

Dispensing controlled substances - 07.14.14
If you dispense controlled substances to your patients, you must file regular reports with the state Department of Justice CURES program. "Dispensing" does not include the administration or prescribing of drugs.
Staff meetings - 07.07.14

It is recommended that you block off 1-2 hours every month for a full staff meeting. Treat your team to a continental breakfast. Set an agenda with relevant topics; allow your team to add in issues that need to be addressed as a team. Review your goals for the office, and where you are in relation to hitting your daily, monthly and yearly goals.

Reporting radiographic equipment - 06.30.14

The X-ray machine owner is responsible for reporting the purchase, transfer, sale, or disposal of radiographic equipment to the state Department of Public Health. A form plus evidence of the purchase, transfer, sale, or disposal must be provided to the department.

Tips to help you get organized - 06.23.14
The first step to better efficiency and staying on a budget in the back office is to get organized. Have a binder system in place to track your supplies and ordering. Minimize waste and maximize the bottom line. Keep all your invoices in your binder for tracking purposes and look for trends, check all invoices for order accuracy, report all errors to vendors for a credit to your account.
Childproof containers - 06.16.14
Childproof containers must be used when dispensing controlled substances.
Patient record - 06.09.14
Every dentist, dental health and other licensed health professionals who perform a service on a patient in a dental office shall date and sign his or her name, or use an ID number and initials, in the patient record next to the service performed.Facebook Guide".
Injury and illness prevention - 06.02.14
Be sure your practice has a written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. A frequent Cal/OSHA citation for dental practices is the failure to have this plan.
X-ray machine technique chart - 05.19.14

State law requires a technique chart for each x-ray machine. The chart establishes for each view commonly performed: patient size versus selectable exposure factors; source-to-image distance (if not fixed); grid data; film/screen combination; and patient shielding.

Morning huddle - 05.26.14
Having a morning huddle helps to motivate the tem and starts the day off on a positive note. The Doctor who leads his team to be successful is like the quarterback who leads his team to the SuperBowl.
Facebook Guide - 05.12.14

Facebook reaches 71.2% of Americans every day.  If you haven’t yet set up a Facebook page, learn how relatively simple and easy it is to get started at "Facebook Guide".

Drugs to be dispensed must be stored in a secure area - 05.05.14

Drugs to be dispensed must be stored in a secure area, which means a locked storage area within the dentist’s office. The keys to the locked storage area shall be available only to staff authorized by the dentist.

Determining order of benefits for a dependent child of divorced parents - 04.28.14

When determining order of benefits for a dependent child of divorced parents:  1) custodial parent 2) spouse of custodial parent 3) Natural parent without custody  4)  Spouse of natural parent without custody (unless there is a court order).

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