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Required poster sets are here.

CDA updates sets regularly to ensure members have the most current postings. New 2019–2020 sets are now available, reflecting updated regulations and compliance requirements. 

How do I obtain a new poster set? 

If you are a practice owner and want to obtain a set for your primary location:

  • CDA automatically mailed one set at no cost to each member who confirmed practice ownership. Be sure to log in and review your profile under ‘My Account’ to check that it reflects current ownership status, practice details and preferred mailing address. 

If you need a poster set(s) for additional practice locations; or, if you would like to order a set for a practice that you do not own: 

  • Visit the Practice Support Store, select the poster set, add it to your cart and follow the steps to complete your transaction.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you identified that you are a practice owner before April 1, 2019, you should have received your set in late April or early May.
Otherwise, you can expect to receive your set within three to six weeks of confirming practice ownership or placing an order for additional sets. You will receive a confirmation email once your poster set has shipped.

Do I need to do anything else with my poster set once I receive it?

Once received, be sure to follow the enclosed instructions to meet compliance requirements. 

In addition, an update to all 2019-20 poster sets is needed to correct a misprint and help practices stay in compliance with California posting regulations:

Please note that agencies also update posting requirements from time to time. Visit for details.

Have questions about your poster set? Email or call 800.232.7645.


Teresa PichayTeresa Pichay  
Practice Analyst, Regulatory Compliance