Practice Advising Case Studies
A periodontist I’ll call Dr. Perioz, hired me to help him in his private practice. His primary concerns were with employee behavior: His office manager was resistant to changes he wanted to make with some of his systems, and one of his hygienists was chronically late for work and sometimes openly disagreed with him in front of patients. He also felt that his practice profitability was inconsistent and less than it should be.    Read more >>
A general dentist, Dr. Frazzle, contacted me to discuss his concerns related to low patient satisfaction feedback. He indicated that all new patients received a survey to measure their satisfaction following their first office visit. The average score for his office was a 6 out of 10. The survey indicated the chief area of complaint was the amount of time the patient had to spend in the office for their first visit and that most patients did not want to stay to have same-day treatment provided. Because these patients didn’t stay for treatment, the schedule would often have empty chair time for the doctors.    Read more >>
By Shaun Pryor on 07/28/2014
A general dentist, Dr. Future, contacted me to discuss some concerns that she is now facing after 30-years in private practice.  Dr. Future is now contemplating retirement as she no longer enjoys the day-to-day business operations of her practice. She communicated that her staff has “taken over” the practice and are making decisions related to scheduling, practice hours, and spending, without approval. Dr. Future has been aware of these changes over the last three-years but hasn’t felt comfortable addressing her concerns to her staff. Dr. Future has also been aware the business is struggling financially and is now impacting her personal finances and as well as her retirement savings account.    Read more >>
By Shaun Pryor on 07/22/2014
A general dentist, Dr. Ready, contacted me to discuss his concerns related to a declining trend in new patients coming into his practice. He has been using the same marketing plan for the last five-years without making any adjustment or modifications. The doctor would like to increase his new patient base but doesn’t know how to adjust his marketing plan to achieve his goal.    Read more >>
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