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Research shows that CDA members fare better in almost every facet of business than nonmembers. One reason why is CDA Endorsed Programs. From latex gloves to website design, Endorsed Programs saves you money on everything you need, and then some.

We’ve harnessed the buying power of 26,000 dentists to bring you the lowest prices on everything a dentist may need. In fact, you could save nearly enough to pay for your CDA dues just by using a single Endorsed Program.

We’ve vetted every business
Every Endorsed Program has been researched and approved by a team of CDA dentists

And we stand behind it.
If you ever have a question or issue, you have an advocate in your corner by the name of Evet Dickinson. She knows the ins-and-outs of every offer, works with every vendor and can help in any way you may need.

Financial Services

Be it credit cards or start-up financing, CDA Endorsed Program vendors offer reductions in administration fees, increased perks and other benefits just because you are a CDA member. How sweet is that?

Practice Management

Finding a vendor you can trust is half the battle. Thankfully, CDA has vetted every Endorsed Program vendor. Plus, because you are part of 26,000 dentists, there are deals on everything from spore check systems to website design services.


Key to reducing overhead is keeping the cost of those everyday supplies in check. That’s where CDA comes in. We can help you save on everything from exam gloves to business cards, brochures and office supplies.

Practice Support Resources
First impressions count. To attract new patients, make sure your website reflects your personality and practice philosophy. Your website has 10 seconds. That’s it. Research shows the average reader will decide whether to stay on a website or leave within the first 10 seconds.
EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard® and VISA®. It’s the sophisticated integrated-circuit (IC) “chip” technology that will eventually replace the magnetic stripe on credit cards that has been the standard in the United States since 1960  
Making the decision to pursue the purchase of a dental practice can be stressful. That stress level will only increase if you don’t surround yourself with a team of professionals that understand the dental business and what is involved during the purchase process. Your team of professionals – CPA, attorney, dental management consultant, and dental lender – are there to support you and to help keep you from making uninformed decisions.  
Do you monitor your sterilizers once a week to verify that they are working properly?  
Comparing processors to their competitors can be a daunting task.  There is not an easy way to do an apples-to-apples comparison, but we will provide you with some of the secrets of the trade, what kinds of fee and pricing schedules are in the marketplace and what to watch out for in your merchant agreement.  

Healthy living extends to the office. How can you promote a healthy workplace environment in your practice?

The world of dental EDI contains a lot of unique terminology. Though it may seem intimidating, these terms are easy to learn and will help streamline and simplify claims processing. To help you, we came up with this little cheat sheet. Once you are versed in these terms and acronyms, you’ll find processing your online claims will become easier and reimbursement will come faster!  
This article includes a summary and checklist of the problems, reactions and precautions associated with latex gloves, according to CDA Endorsed Program PureLife.  
Are you ready to purchase a new website? Use this checklist to determine the essential features website providers should be offering.  
Considering adding a blog as part of your practice marketing plan? Aren't sure if it's worth the effort? Don't know where to start? This guide provided by Prosites is an overview of organization, timing, content and tools/techniques that will help you create a successful blog.  
A reported 72% of people refer to and trust online reviews as a form of personal recommendation; and, if your online recommendations aren’t glowing, you may be in trouble. While there isn’t a magic fix-all to make you immune to negative publicity, ignoring online rants could eventually impact your reputation, potentially limiting your pool of prospective patients.  

One of the pillars of learning is first understanding the language, and search engine optimization is no different. Because there are so many terms and phrases associated with the optimization process, we have compiled this collection of common terms and definitions so you can better understand what goes into optimizing your website.

Whether you’re the owner of a high-profile dental practice or managing small specialty practice, everyone experiences a slow season. The holiday season in particular marks an increasingly slow period for health industry professions; while your patients are out shopping for seasonal gifts or traveling to visit family, their pocketbooks typically turn away from many health-related expenses.

So the question remains, how do you increase revenue during the holiday season?  
At a loss on how to actively promote your practice, and offer fresh information on your Facebook page? Demandforce has provided 20 ideas for you and your staff to create to keep your patients interested and engaged.  
Your hands are valuable tools of your trade, and since exam gloves are used more than anything else in your practice, they make up a hefty portion of your overhead. According to comprehensive sales data, the average dental practice with three chairs goes through 14 boxes of gloves per week—which breaks down to 60 boxes per month, 720 boxes per year, or 72,000 gloves—adding up to over $10,000 a year!  
Yelp is here to stay.  Maximize your profile, become familiar with the benefits of Yelp and use this powerful marketing tool to gain positive new patient opportunities.  
Still using "snail mail" to submit your dental benefit claims?  This article is an overview of how you can easily save time and money by submitting your claims online.  
Gaining new patient's in your practice is only one aspect of a growing, productive practice - do you know what to do to keep them coming back? This article explores several key ideas in retaining a solid, satisfied patient base.  
It is very important as a new dentist to begin thinking about your personal financial position (PFP). Your PFP will be considered when you seek financing to make any substantial purchase. Your ability to make life decisions will depend on how well you have managed your PFP. It would be very simple to consider your PFP only as the amount of cash you have, but that is shortsighted.  
The what, how and why of "Hashtags" and how they can help your practice.  
Regular sterilizer monitoring using biologic indicators is the standard practice, and when properly implemented, is an integral part of infection control verification.

The Dental Board of California requires, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends, dental offices to verify the proper functioning of the sterilization cycle at least weekly using a biological indicator, such as the Spore Check System from OSHA Review, Inc.  
Seeing that approximately 1 in every 13 people have a Facebook account, and over half of these people are logged in to Facebook on any given day, Facebook is an extremely powerful social network that you can utilize to drive practice growth.  This article provides 15 tips on generating more "Likes" on Facebook.  
Want to know what to do when "it" happens to you? Eventually, reputation management becomes an issue for every practice owner, so here are five insider secrets that will help you avert a reputation crisis.  
If you've ever considered Internet marketing for your practice, this article will give you an overview of which website search engines to use, choosing keywords, ad text and much more!  
Tempted to use a new social tool? Wondering what Pinterest is and how you can use it to promote your practice? What's a tweet? These comprehensive and easy to follow guides (5) will give you step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the various platforms, review components of the registration process and offer tips on who, what, where, when, why and how to promote and "post" about your business! Your patients are online, shouldn't you be too?  
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