New Dentist Career Launch - Detailed Agenda

Please Note: Each confirmed attendee will have an opportunity to have at minimum, an individual one-on-one meeting with a featured speaker of their choice, based on availability.


Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Stewart Gill, Principal, Jackson Hole Group 

Develope self-awareness to accelerate career success and satisfaction.  By understanding your approach to work, learning and communication, you will be able to identify the roles and environments you thrive in. The 5 Dynamics assessment tool will give you tangible information that can be used immediately.

  • Identify the fundamentals of the 5 Dynamics assessment tool and how to apply it to critical career-driving decisions
  • Understand one’s ideal work environment in order to apply the information to one’s job search and future career development
  • Learn to accomplish work and how to work with others who are in different energy areas
  • Apply the information of the 5 Dynamics assessment toward effectively communicating with employers, employees, and patients
  • Create an overall awareness and consciousness around how one works, communicates, and interacts with others

Strategic Planning & Critical Thinking
Michael Perry, DDS, Founder, Momentum Dental Business Consulting

Determining the desired quality of your professional life is critical to your career success. Explore different models of dental practice and understand demographics to create a vision statement and overall strategic plan for your practice. Align your aspirations for financial success with clinical and business leadership skills to execute that plan.

  • Recognize critical career-driving decisions
  • Evaluate and understand emerging trends in dentistry and the impact it may have on your career decisions
  • Create and utilize a professional vision statement and strategic plan
  • Explain the importance of demographic analysis and its impact on where you decide to live/practice
  • Establish financial goals and considerations as a driving force behind future career decisions
  • Identify the early professional decisions that will help one strive toward practice ownership


10 Habits for a Highly Profitable Practice
Luis Soria, MS, MA, Productivity Systems Specialist, Interactive Dental Management Solutions
Natalie Dawson, MBA, Marketing & Website Specialist, Interactive Dental Management Solutions

Marketing and management are an integral part of the dental practice. This course will cover important aspects of your journey as an associate. With an emphasis on 10 habits of analysis, monitoring, accountability, proactive approaches, leadership, interaction, listening, trusting, intuition, personal growth and seeking opportunity you will differentiate and strengthen your role in the practice. It will cover crucial fundamentals in relation to key performance indicators, reports, and marketing. Following an integrated approach in relation to practice management and marketing will not only create trust between the patient and doctor, but also staff and other professionals. The goal is to guide you into a forward thinking mindset in establishing your dental career.

Risk Management 101:  Fundamental Concepts
Yasica Corum, Risk Management Analyst, TDIC

Taking a fundamental approach, The Dentists Insurance Company developed this course to show new dentists how to recognize litigious patient situations and provide tools to navigate through them.  Through case presentation, you will be able to identify and minimize loss exposures while utilizing risk management resources. 

  • Adopt a proactive vs. reactive approach to risk management
  • Learn job interview strategies to put you ahead of the liability curve
  • Understand how important communication and documentation are to mitigating risks

Avoiding Legal Minefields in Dental Practice
Ali Oromchian, JD, Founder, Dental & Medical Counsel

As a young dentist, it is vital to not only be educated on dentistry but also to create a plan for strategic business operations. This includes everything from employee management and contracts to marketing and technology. Having this plan is the key to creating a strong foundation and starting with a competitive edge in the market. With each decision, the legal ramifications that could result must be considered to prevent penalties and ensure a flourishing practice is created. During this course, Ali Oromchian, Esq., will demonstrate strategic steps that allow you to establish a strong dental practice with minimal risk and complete peace of mind. 

  • Contract and lease negotiation strategies for practice start-up or acquisition
  • To incorporate or not to incorporate
  • Top 10 HR and legal minefields to avoid when you are in practice and when you are ready to sell
  • How to legally use and not use social media in practice


Personal & Professional Financial 101
Jason Tyson, Regional VP, Bank of America Practice Solutions

In this program you will understand the foundation of personal credit and learn financial vital signs of dental practice.

  • Understand your credit and your personal financial resume
  • Identify the financial pulse of a dental practice
  • Prepare yourself for practice ownership

Natalie DawsonNatalie Dawson, MBA
Natalie has always had a passion for design and an entrepreneurial spirit. Using her MBA as her foundation, she helps dental practices achieve a professional, consistent, and unique image. Natalie enjoys the challenge of branding and marketing strategy as well as her role as a featured speaker for the Dental Practice Management Class at USC. Natalie’s enthusiasm and personalized service ensures client satisfaction.

Luis SoriaLuis Soria, MS, MA
Luis has been in the dental field since 1995 and an adjunct faculty member at the USC School of Dentistry since 2008, as the Practice Management Unit Co-director. He utilizes his two masters degrees and dental consulting experience to assist dental practices in the implementation and monitoring of systems. His goal is to help practices be more efficient, productive and profitable.

Ali OromchianAli Oromchian, Esq.
Mr. Oromchian is an attorney at the Dental & Medical Counsel law firm and is one of the nation’s leading legal authorities on topics relevant to dentists, such as contracts and employment law.

Michael PerryDr. Michael Perry
Restorative dentist, lecturer and mentor, Dr. Michael Perry is the founder of Momentum Dental Business Consulting, which coaches dentists on how to provide quality care while achieving personal fulfillment and high profitability in private practice. He has taken his success in private practice and created a consulting company that uses proven techniques to help practices grow.

Yasica CorumYasica Corum
Ms. Corum has been a TDIC Risk Management Analyst since 2009. She speaks nationally representing the company at seminars and at dental schools. She writes articles for the Liability Lifeline newsletter and RM Matters and assists in the development of risk management resources. She advises dentists in the areas of professional and employment liability and property risk management. Prior to TDIC, she was with TDIC Insurance Solutions for four years.

Stewart  GillStewart Gill
As a Principal with Jackson Hole Group, Stewart Gill consistently exhibits exceptional creativity and decision-making skills, helping organizations through strategic transitions. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his cross-industry career, spanning almost three decades in global human resource leadership. Stewart is a trusted advisor to Boards, CEOs, CFOs, Executive Directors, and HR Executives, assisting them with assessing key leadership and organizational issues.

Jason TysonJason Tyson
Jason M. Tyson is a Senior Vice President for Bank of America’s Practice Solutions Division, which specializes in the Dental, Veterinarian, Optometry and Medical Industry. Jason and his team have helped finance thousands of startup practices, acquisitions, expansions, remodels and commercial real-estate purchases. Prior to his career at the bank, Jason received worldwide recognition as an Account Executive and Professional Trainer for Dale Carnegie.