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You are the champion of the smile. You enable your patients to beam confidently in school photos, stand tall and proud in front of the class and laugh without hesitation. That, is a beautiful thing and it’s all because of you. And it’s why CDA passionately supports your profession.


The CDA Presents conventions in Anaheim and San Francisco include loads of C.E. and hands-on training about the latest clinical and technological advancements. There are discounts on the exhibit hall floor and best of all, members don’t pay the $890 registration fee. In addition, we provide countless seminars and e-learning opportunities on topics such as incorporating the latest risk management techniques into your practice and how to save money in today’s competitive marketplace. You’re likely to find information on these topics along with the latest scientific advances in our award-winning publication: the Journal of the California Dental Association.

Practice Support

CDA is always looking for new ways to help you run your practice like a pro. In fact, we created Practice Support resources specifically to help our members better manage the business side of dentistry. This is where you will find valuable resources including the Guide for the New Dentist and the Dental Benefit Plan Handbook.  We also have you and your pocketbook covered with CDA Endorsed Programs that saves you money on everything from office supplies to website design. And if you need in-office and personalized support, CDA Practice Advising offers in-depth consulting to help you run your practice. Still have questions? Just call one of our practice support experts at 800.232.7645.

While you are busy with patients, CDA is working behind the scenes to provide you with resources to protect both your practice and profession. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and recent launch of Covered California, TDIC Insurance Solutions has dedicated a Member Service team to support our health care policyholders in understanding and navigating changes in the marketplace during the open enrollment process. Whether or not you are a current policyholder, the Member Service team can assist you with questions about your health care coverage. Call 1.800.733.0633 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to reach the TDIC Insurance Health Service team directly.

CDA has a dedicated team of professionals whose sole purpose is to advocate for the profession and for patients. In recent years, CDA has successfully sponsored new laws improving dentists’ and patients’ rights in working with their dental benefit plans.CDA fought all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to successfully challenge Medi-Cal rate reductions that were reducing access to care for the underserved. CDA also helped prevent nearly one million children being transitioned from the Healthy Families to Denti-Cal from being forced into under-performing managed care plans. As the Affordable Care Act nears full implementation, CDA is working every day to ensure that quality oral health care benefits will be available for adults, as well as children. These are just some examples of how CDA works for you.


As a member of CDA and your local dental society, you’re connected with a community of 26,000 dentists who care enough to make a difference.  Our CDA Foundation works to improve the oral health of all Californians by supporting the dental profession in its efforts to meet community needs. We have championed community water fluoridation, transformed half a million lives by increasing access to care, and placed numerous dentists in community clinics through the Student Loan Repayment Grant Program. And with the help of volunteers like you, we launched CDA Cares—free dental clinics to provide treatment and oral health education to individuals who would otherwise go without.

In the News

Dentists are busy in their day-to-day work providing the best care they can to patients. With that comes the need to run an effective business and understand practice management, regulations, budgets, marketing and more. CDA provides members with two services to help with this aspect of owning a dental practice.


Online dues renewal now open

Online dues renewal for CDA members is now open. Members can renew their dues in full at or enroll in the electronic dues payment program (EDP) and pay in equal monthly installments automatically deducted from a designated checking account. With membership in organized dentistry, dentists are ensuring that their voices and the needs of the profession are represented on every level. CDA provides education, practice support, protection and a stronger voice in government.


CDA survey seeks member interest in developing new services


CDA continually works on behalf of its members to provide quality services and benefits — support that allows California dentists to be successful and better serve their patients. CDA is currently surveying members to determine their interest in the association developing and operating a dental practice management service organization (MSO).


Online dues renewal for CDA members is now open at With membership in organized dentistry, dentists are ensuring that their voice and the needs of the profession are represented on every level. CDA provides education, practice support, protection and a stronger voice in government.


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Individual members and component dental societies of CDA may apply for permission to use the CDA logo on certain materials and advertisements according to CDA Logo Usage Policy. Members may obtain permission by completing the online application, or requesting an application through the CDA Member Resource Center at 800.232.7645. Members with approved applications will be emailed a digital copy of the logo.

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