Dental Benefits Workshop

Initial Participant Application

Below please find the member application to participate in the Dental Benefits Workshop.  Please complete the application in its entirety prior to submission.  For the initial pilot program, CDA member participants will be hand-selected by the Practice Support Center Task Force to participate in this interactive, hands-on workshop.

The goal of this workshop is threefold, to improve dental professionals’ understanding of dental plans and the current dental benefit marketplace; improve dental professionals’ understanding of existing plan contract performance in dental office and how to evaluate and assess new plans; and finally, improve dental benefit claims approval and payment turnaround periods minimizing or eliminating the most common reasons for claim denials.

In order to ensure that you reach these goals, we are requesting specific attendee and dental practice information throughout this application. Please note - all personal/practice information is being collected solely for the purpose of the workshop and will be kept confidential.

Dentists are requested to bring only one key staff person with them to the workshop. This person should be the office manager or other individual involved in dental benefit plan analysis and claims processing.

For questions or assistance regarding the application, please contact Ann Milar, Dental Benefits Analyst, at or 916.554.4994.

Attendee Information


Staff Attendee


Practice Information

Please estimate the percentage of your practice revenue derived from the following dental plan types:



Break down the average number of patients treated weekly by the following:


Please indicate the dental plans for which you are a contracted provider:


Please note:  This workshop requires a serious time commitment on the participant’s part, approximately 30 hours.  In addition to completing the initial application (30 min), selected participants will need to complete a more detailed practice application (90 min), an online survey (30 min), participate in a mandatory webinar (2 hours), attend the in-person workshop (2 days), complete post-seminar surveys (1 hour) and participate in post-seminar check-ins and/or webinars over the course of six months (approximately 4 hours) following the workshop.