MICRA — Proposition 46

Dear Member,

Prop 46

With the statewide general election now behind us, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your help in defeating Proposition 46, the most dangerous ballot measure California dentists and other health care providers have ever faced.

Winning a campaign in California is never an easy task, especially when that ballot measure is backed by a formidable adversary such as trial attorneys. Winning 67 percent of the vote is truly an extraordinary accomplishment — a landslide victory — and we couldn’t have done it without you.

This type of success shows what we, the 26,000 members of CDA, can accomplish through our collective efforts, working with partner organizations to speak with one strong voice. Voters heard us loud and clear, and no doubt the trial lawyers heard us, too. The Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) is intended to protect patients and the health care system — not pad the pockets of attorneys fishing for higher malpractice payouts.

For years, CDA and TDIC have been preparing for this fight and has helped lead a growing coalition of organizations that for decades has worked to protect MICRA by building a strong base of support among policymakers and the public. When the trial lawyers announced their intentions last year to submit a ballot measure that would quadruple MICRA’s cap on noneconomic damages, CDA, TDIC and this coalition were able to seamlessly transition into a well-organized opposition campaign. Ultimately, the coalition was one of the largest ever assembled to oppose a ballot measure, and for good reason.

Proponents of Proposition 46 tried to obscure their true intent — raising MICRA’s cap on noneconomic damages — by including provisions on doctor drug testing and prescription drug monitoring. Thanks to your help, voters were not fooled. You talked to patients, colleagues and friends, displayed office posters and brochures, wore buttons and planted yard signs — actions that educated voters on why this measure was very wrong for California. Your efforts were key to the large margin of victory — a margin that will strongly discourage trial lawyers from attempting this again in the future.

Whether you worked tirelessly on the campaign or voted “no,” you helped deliver a message to ensure Californians have access to health care by rejecting increased trial lawyer payouts. We will continue to work diligently to make sure policymakers remember this message. 

Thank you again for your support of CDA, and our efforts to defeat Proposition 46. We should all be inspired by the success of this effort and how, working together, we are able to accomplish great things.


Walter G. Weber, DDS

James D. Stephens, DDS
Immediate Past President

Steven J. Kend, DDS
Chair, TDIC Board of Directors


Todd Roberson  
External Affairs

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