Dental Benefits Research Task Force

CDA’s 2011 House of Delegates approved a resolution to embark on a comprehensive dental benefits project. The work of volunteer members of the Dental Benefits Research Task Force will help CDA better understand the market and better advocate for policies that will enhance the position of dentists and their patients.

The specific goals of the dental benefits project are to:

  • Determine how the cost, scope of coverage, consumer demand and payment policies of dental benefit plans have trended over a period of years;
  • Identify factors in the dental benefit marketplace that have increased pressure on dentists participating in plan networks;
  • Identify options to affect changes to enhance providers’ leverage in contract arrangements with plans;
  • Assess and ensure that dental plan coverage and payment policies promote necessary care and treatment of patients.

Sponsored Legislation

CDA has a dedicated team of professionals whose purpose is to advocate for the profession. Part of that team’s responsibility is to sponsor legislation at the Capitol that addresses important issues related to dental benefits.

In the 2012 Legislature, CDA sponsored two bills, AB 1579 (Campos) and AB 2252 (Gordon) to address issues related to reimbursements for out-of-network dental providers and requirements for dental plan disclosure to contracted providers. See a list of CDA-sponsored dental benefits legislation.

Practice Support Resources

To assist members with practice management issues and dental benefits concerns, CDA offers the following resources:

Dental Benefits Research Presentation

As part of its continued efforts to keep members up-to-date on the changing landscape of the dental benefits industry, CDA invited three experts in the field to speak in conjunction with the 2012 House of Delegates in November.

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