California Dental Political Action Committee (CalDPAC)

The California Dental Political Action Committee (CalDPAC) is in place to ensure your voice is heard at local, state and national levels. CalDPAC is a bipartisan political action committee run by and for dentists. We are committed to supporting legislators who value the profession of dentistry and its importance to improving the oral health care of Californians.

We work alongside CDA to educate lawmakers about the implications their decisions have on the health and business side of dentistry. In fact, CalDPAC has successfully protected dentists and their patients from misguided public policies, unfair laws and over-regulation that could have lowered the quality of dental care.

We are proud that nearly all 26,000 CDA members are also members of CalDPAC.  For more information on CalDPAC or to join us, call 800.232.7645, ext. 5931.