Electronic Dues Payment Program

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Can I participate in the EDP program?

As a CDA member, you are eligible to participate in the EDP program if your anticipated ADA membership dues are at least $131. (Per ADA bylaws, retired members are not eligible to participate in the payment plan.)

How does EDP work?

EDP is a payment option that allows members to pay their dues in equal installments. Dues are deducted automatically from a checking account of your choice on the fifteenth of the month when you enroll and thereafter until paid in full.

Are there any fees or additional charges?

The EDP program is offered to members with a service charge of $12, which will be equally divided among the months of the year. A $25 fee will be added to the total debit amount if deduction is declined due to insufficient funds, account closed, account frozen or payment stopped.

How do I enroll?

By mail for fax. CDA must receive your completed EDP enrollment materials by April 15, 2014.

When will I receive my enrollment form?

The EDP enrollment form and envelope will be included with your 2014 statement mailed in late November.

What if I participated in the program last year?

If you opted in to Auto Enrollment in December 2013 then no further action is needed and your payment will begin in January 2014. If you did not opt in to Auto Enrollment then you will have to re-enroll into the EDP program in 2014. Once re-enrolled in the EDP program you will automatically be auto enrolled each year moving forward.

How do I notify CDA of a change in my checking account?

Should you have a change in your checking account from which payment is deducted, just submit a voided check for the new account to CDA Finance Department at least seven business days prior to a scheduled payment date.

How will I know the amount to be debited from my account?

A letter confirming your participation and indicating the amounts of your monthly deductions will be mailed to you prior to the first deduction.

Can I cancel my participation?

At any time, you can cancel your participation by paying the balance of your dues.


CDA Contact Center

Fax: 916.498.6177
Email: edp@cda.org