Executive Committee

The Executive Committee conducts and supervises the business of the association when the Board of Trustees is not in session. All decisions and interim policies are subject to review and approval at the next board meeting. The Executive Committee is also charged with ensuring the relevance of the strategic plan on an annual basis. Executive Committee officers serve as representatives of the association and play a valuable role in strengthening ties and developing strategic partnerships with the American Dental Association, ADA constituent societies and other dental and healthcare organizations.

Name Position

James D. Stephens, DDS


Walter G. Weber, DDS


Kenneth G. Wallis, DDS

Vice President

Clelan G. Ehrler, DDS


Kevin M. Keating, DDS, MS


Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS

Immediate Past President

Alan L. Felsenfeld, DDS

Speaker of the House

Kerry K. Carney, DDS


Peter A. DuBois

Executive Director

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