The California Dental Association, the CDA Foundation, CalDPAC, TDIC, TDIC Insurance Solutions, and American Dental Association serve organized dentistry at the direction of members, policy holders, and shareholders. Governing bodies are composed of members of the association who are selected to lead and shape our collective futures.

Become a Volunteer Leader

Taking a leadership position is a great way to influence the future of your profession and can be the start of an exciting journey that takes you to new heights of achievement.  Becoming a leader has many benefits:

  • Learn leadership and organizational skills
  • Have the chance for your voice to be heard 
  • Increase your knowledge of our profession
  • Work with some of the best and brightest in dentistry

Click here for the list of available leadership positions for 2015.

The February 28 application deadline for positions on ADA councils, committees and commissions has passed. The deadline for submitting applications for CDA positions is May 31. We look forward to your continued interest and future participation in the activities of the association.

Application Tips

  • Read the job description and requirements to make sure you are qualified, available and interested
  • Highlight the skills and experience you possess that most closely relate to the position(s) for which you are applying
  • Essay questions are critical, so take the time to complete them
    • Make sure you answer the question asked
    • Speak to your passion and experience
    • Critical:  Your responses should reflect the skills and experience that relate to the position(s) for which you are applying
  • References should be individuals who have had direct observation of your leadership work, but no Executive Committee, LDC, CVP, or staff members
  • Get any questions about content or process clarified by e-mailing ldc@cda.org

Other Volunteer Opportunities
Change often begins at the local level. To find out how to get involved in your component, contact your component executive director

If you are a dental student interested in getting involved, contact us at ldc@cda.org.

Application and Election Timeline
February 28 ADA position applications due
May 31 CDA position applications due
June Nominations for ADA positions submitted by 13th district trustee to ADA, nominees notified of application status
June-July CDA position applications reviewed by the Committee on Volunteer Placement (CVP)

CDA position nominations at Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee meetings;
CDA Foundation Board of Directors elected by Board of Trustees

September CDA applicants notified of nomination results
October ADA elections;
Terms begin: Nominees notified of election results

Election to CDA positions at House of Delegates; Terms begin;
Nominees notified of election results


Elections to TDIC/TDIC Insurance Solutions Board of Directors and CDA Holding Company, Inc. Board of Directors;
Nominees notified of election results

January New Volunteer Orientation for CDA leaders
In the News

There is considerable information about the ethical implications and risks of dentists dating a patient of record, but the fact remains that dentists encounter a variety of people in daily practice and may find themselves attracted to a patient. Conversely, a dentist discovers a patient is attracted to him or her. If an attraction develops, consider ahead of time how this could become an awkward situation in the future. The Dentists Insurance Company strongly advises you not to act on that unless you first refer the patient to another dentist for dental care before beginning a personal relationship.


CDA seeking recruits for volunteer leadership positions

CDA is now recruiting for volunteer leadership positions beginning service in November 2014. The online application process takes about 20 minutes to complete, and applicants can apply for positions on CDA councils, committees and boards as well as for shorter-term positions on task forces and workgroups or serving as a CDA Presents host or assistant.


Dentists can empower their team at CDA Presents


There will be something for everyone on the dental team at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim on May 15-17. From lectures on equipment care and repair to search engine optimization, social media and online marketing — the course lineup is enriched with key information for dentists and staff. Dentists interested in bringing their entire staff to CDA Presents in Anaheim can use the following list of workshops to help plan their schedules at the convention.