Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
CDA offers smart, creative and cost-effective opportunities to reach the dental community’s most talented professionals. Place a traditional ad in one of CDA’s award-winning publications.  Emboss your company’s name on swag or welcome banners at two of the largest and most successful dental conventions in the nation, CDA Presents.  These are just some of the ways reaching CDA’s coveted demographic has never been easier, or smarter.

 Media Kit

CDA Media Kit

Sponsorship Brochure

CDA Sponsorship Brochure

CDA Reader Profile

More than 68 percent of California dentists rate the CDA Journal and Update as the most appealing format to receive information. More so than from any other publications, in meetings or anywhere online. Delivering information to 26,000 dentists at every stage of practice, CDA publications provide advertisers ideal vehicles to present their products and services.

CDA Journal

  • Dentists selected the Journal as the professional publication they consider most relevant to the work they do in their practice. The Journal is also the top source of information for CDA dentists, with 83 percent regularly reading the publication.
  • Ninety-four percent spend at least 30 minutes reading each issue of the Journal. What’s more, a significant number indicate they have taken action on a product or service advertised in the Journal.
  • More than half save copies of the Journal for future reference. This indefinitely extends the value
    of your advertising dollars.


  • Members report that they look to Update as their leading source for the latest news affecting the dental profession, both within California and nationwide.
  • Almost 90 percent of dentists indicate they have received information about CDA products and services from Update in the past 12 months.
  • The majority of CDA members spend up to 30 minutes reading each issue.