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The California Dental Association (CDA) is a community of dentists committed to enhancing the professional lives of our members—26,000 of the best and brightest dentistry has to offer. Together, we champion better oral health care for all Californians.

CDA supports dentists in all stages of their careers. We offer our members a unique set of resources, including education, practice support, advocacy and protection. We take pride in our mission to meet community needs across the state.  

It’s been nearly 150 years since a small group of dentists founded CDA. Since then we’ve grown to become the single largest membership in the American Dental Association and a constant trusted resource for California dentists and their patients.

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Tripartite Membership

By joining CDA, you automatically enjoy membership and services to three dental organizations: Your local dental society, state dental society and the American Dental Association. Each level of this tripartite structure offers valuable benefits and resources. These include education, protection, support and advocacy—and are reasons why nearly all 26,000 CDA memberships are renewed year after year. 

Local Dental Societies
CDA component dental societies are one part of the tripartite membership structure. Each of California’s 32 local dental societies serves the needs of its community of dentists and patients.  All CDA members are also members of their local dental society.

American Dental Association
The American Dental Association (ADA) is the world’s largest and oldest dental association. Established in 1859, the ADA works to advance the dental profession on the local, state and national level. All CDA members are also ADA members. In fact, CDA represents the single largest membership in the ADA.

Organization Chart
CDA Organization Structure
In the News

CDA, TDIC, TDIC Insurance Solutions and the CDA Foundation will close at 1 p.m. on Dec. 24, 2014, and remain closed until Jan. 2, 2015. To offset this closure, the association and its companies were open for business on certain holidays earlier this year.


New CDA president on how to best serve members

Walter G. Weber, DDS, was installed as the new CDA president last week at the House of Delegates meeting in San Diego. During his speech to delegates, Weber emphasized the importance of CDA continually looking for ways to best serve its members in the profession's changing landscape. Current trends in dentistry, including shrinking dental insurance benefits, pressures to reduce costs, and increasing costs of dental education, make it important for CDA to understand members' needs and develop strategies to help them succeed and best serve patients, he said.


CDA member elected ADA president-elect

Carol Summerhays, DDS, a general dentist who practices in San Diego, has been elected president-elect of the ADA. Summerhays has held numerous ADA leadership positions and has served on various committees, including strategic planning, compensation, governance, government affairs and new dentist. She also served as CDA president in 2009, and held many positions on CDA committees and councils.


CDA & ADA surveying to understand dental capacity

The ADA will soon send out an important survey invitation to California dentists. CDA is working with ADA’s Health Policy Institute on an analysis of the capacity of the California dental care system. As part of this study, we will conduct an online survey among dentists regarding Denti-Cal participation.


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Mission, Vision & Core Values


The California Dental Association is committed to the success of our members in service to their patients and the public.


The California Dental Association is the recognized leader for excellence in member services and advocacy promoting oral health and the profession of dentistry.

Core Values

Oral health and its impact on overall health

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