CDA Journal examines dental anxiety
The August issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association reviews the persistent problem of dental anxiety in dentistry. Articles discuss ways to communicate effectively with fearful patients, the use of virtual reality exposure therapy in treating dental anxiety, and the assessment, diagnosis and management of dental phobia in children and adults.
Pause before you comply with a plan's request for post-payment chart review
Post-payment chart reviews are required by state regulators, such as the department of managed health care and the department of insurance. It is important to understand that the dentist has agreed to these types of reviews by signing their participating provider agreement with the dental plan. But, what happens when a dental plan requests a chart review or audit, but you are not a contracted, participating provider?
Employers can now register to help employees save through CalSavers
Eligible employers as of July 1 can now register for CalSavers, the state’s new retirement savings program for private sector workers. Employers are eligible to participate in CalSavers — a Roth IRA (after tax) — if they have five or more employees and do not already offer an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Employers pay no fees for participating in CalSavers.
The alternative workweek: How to adopt and follow one in the dental office
Employers often struggle to balance the need for expanded practice hours to accommodate patient schedules and the costs associated with nonexempt employee overtime. In California, employers have the option to greatly reduce overtime costs by adopting an alternative workweek schedule. What exactly is an alternative workweek schedule, and is it good news for employees and employers?
Recent decision holds that 'ABC' independent contractor test applies retroactively
A California Supreme Court ruling in 2018 that created a stricter standard for determining who meets the definition of “employee” applies retroactively, the Ninth Circuit held in a May 2, 2019, ruling. The decision means the “ABC” test created last year by the California Supreme Court will be applied to cases going forward, as well as to disputes dating back to before the new test was enacted.
Surety bonds required for dentists enrolled as DMEPOS suppliers
Beginning June 1, the National Supplier Clearinghouse began sending letters to Medicare-enrolled dentists notifying them that a surety bond of at least $50,000 per office location may be required to initiate or continue their Medicare enrollment as a supplier of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthodontics and supplies. Prior to 2019, dentists were exempt from this rule.
July Student Spotlight
Get to know CDA’s July Student Spotlight, Gregory Pavlos from UCSF School of Dentistry class of 2022.
C.E. calendar details 175 statewide courses for dentists, dental professionals
CDA maintains an online continuing education calendar that lists course offerings — currently totaling at least 175 — for dentists and dental professionals in California who want to enhance their practice and professional development or simply need credits for license renewal. The calendar is organized by date and pulls from vetted sources throughout the state.
Members' supply savings adding up through
The Dentists Supply Company is now available in 47 states, offering consistent and competitive supply pricing to more than 100,000 members of organized dentistry. More shoppers means more savings for practices of every size. And association members are enthusiastically sharing how consistent supply pricing, 24/7 online shopping convenience and authorized product sourcing have made one of their favorite ways to shop.
Foundation grant recipients: Where are they now?
In 2010, Vanessa Franks, DDS, became the 11th recipient of the CDA Foundation’s Student Loan Repayment Grant — a flagship program that aims to offset some of the financial burden of student loan debt in exchange for a three-year commitment by recipients to care for the underserved. Describing herself as “a natural caretaker with a strong inherent motivation to enrich the lives of others,” Dr. Franks said a career in public health had been a longtime goal.
Avoid medication-related tragedies with comprehensive health History Forms
Take two of these and call me in the morning. That may have been sage advice a generation ago, but today, dispensing medication requires much more scrutiny. Americans are taking more prescription drugs than ever before, meaning health professionals, including dentists, must use extra precaution when dispensing and prescribing routine medications as part of an overall treatment plan.
New state program awards $10.5M in grants to dentists
The Department of Health Care Service’s new program designed to expand access to care for Medi-Cal patients has awarded $10.5 million to 40 dentists to pay student loan debt. Approximately 1,300 health care providers, including 350 dentists, applied to the CalHealthCares program, which offers up to $300,000 in debt relief in exchange for meeting certain criteria.
Dentists say new process for reporting dental benefits issues is easy, convenient, fast
If you haven’t heard, CDA recently launched a new process for members to report issues and questions related to dental benefits. Although CDA members have had access to a dedicated dental benefits analyst and Practice Support resources since 2009, the online submission form makes it easier for dentists to quickly reach out for assistance and submit their issues 24/7.
Volunteer dentist prepares for CDA Cares clinic Sept. 27-28
As committee chair of the upcoming CDA Cares clinic in San Bernardino, Gerald Middleton, DDS, oversees the recruitment of dental professionals and community volunteers, raises funds and identifies and secures pharmaceuticals and local dental lab equipment. A longtime member of CDA and an active volunteer at several past CDA Cares, Dr. Middleton is familiar with the amount of work and dedication required to ensure each event is a success.
Drug-resistant diseases could become leading cause of death by 2050
“Unless the world acts urgently, antimicrobial resistance will have disastrous impact within a generation,” stated the World Health Organization in a report published recently. Inappropriate use and overuse of antibiotics are the primary drivers of antibiotic resistance and are associated with C. difficile infections and increased emergency department visits for adverse events. In California, 260,000 each year are diagnosed with an antibiotic-resistant infection and, of these, 3,000 die according to the CDC.
Savings potential at Four practices' price comparisons
With The Dentists Supply Company’s expansion this year, members of organized dentistry nationwide are enjoying the benefits of collective buying power. Through, shoppers continue to see 20% average savings compared to MSRP* on dental supplies and small equipment. The online savings are often even greater when compared to the prices shoppers have been paying other suppliers.
Participate in study to evaluate the Dental Transformation Initiative
To understand how well the Dental Transformation Initiative program is meeting its goals, the Department of Health Care Services has contracted with Mathematica, an external, independent research organization, to evaluate DTI as outlined in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Special Terms and Conditions.
Safety in the dental practice featured in July CDA Journal
The July issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association highlights the importance of dental practice safety and risk management. Articles discuss the legal ramifications of practicing unsafe dentistry, the proper choice and use of emergency medications and the use of checklists to improve patient safety.
Budget deal makes multiyear commitment to increased provider rates
As part of the finalized 2019-20 California state budget, the Legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom approved a continuation of supplemental Medi-Cal provider rates, including significant dollars for dentists serving Medi-Cal patients. An additional $20 million was dedicated to dentists through a recently launched student loan repayment program.
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