Depending on staff to manage patients? Educate them first
If practice owners fail to educate their team members on their roles, responsibilities and limitations, that positive experience can quickly turn negative. And that negative experience can potentially create a professional liability claim. The following is a case reported by The Dentists Insurance Company along with advice for reducing risk.
DEA registrants targeted by extortion scam
CDA Practice Support continues to hear from members who report that they have been contacted by criminals claiming to be Drug Enforcement Administration employees. The following article published in April explains the extortion scam and how to report it to the DEA.
Tools to transition from school to practice
While new graduates are enthusiastic to put their clinical skills into practice, many would also admit to feeling ill-equipped for the business side of dentistry. To support new dentists in the transition to practice life, CDA offers savings and solutions for the things they may not have learned about in dental school. Here are a few of the answers CDA has for those entering practice.
Delta Dental settlement notices mailed to eligible providers
A class action settlement administrator has mailed allocation notices to approximately 14,000 Premier providers eligible for payments under CDA’s settlement agreement with Delta Dental. Although eligible dentists do not need to file a claim in order to receive their portion of the $65 million settlement, they should read the notice carefully and supply any requested changes of address.
Forensic dentistry, pharmacology, oral pathology explored in CDA Presents lectures
More than 150 lectures and workshops for dentists and their teams are lined up for CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry Sept. 6-8 in San Francisco. Nearly all courses are eligible for C.E. credit and span topics in clinical care, practice management and beyond. Highlighted here are just a few expert speakers and their courses.
New FDA webpage addresses infection control in dental unit waterlines
A webpage published recently by the Food and Drug Administration provides guidance on infection control in dental unit waterlines. Although they typically cannot be sterilized, dental unit waterlines “should be routinely cleaned and disinfected” to prevent risk of infection to patients, “particularly during surgical procedures by direct exposure of waterborne pathogens.” The webpage provides more than a dozen “do’s and don’ts” for dental practitioners.
Communicate clear processes for inventory management
When it comes to inventory management, in addition to assigning accountable individuals to specific roles, be sure that documented expectations are included in your onboarding and training processes. As you organize your inventory system, here are three efficiencies to consider.
Uptick in Quality Assessment audits by Delta Dental of California
CDA has received an influx of member inquiries regarding the recent wave of Delta Dental of California’s Quality Assessment audits. On-site reviews are part of Delta Dental’s Quality Assessment program for contracted dentists in California, mandated by the California Department of Managed Health Care. Delta Dental of California notified California dentists in its summer 2018 FYI newsletter that dentists should be prepared for a Quality Assessment review.
July 19 webinar will address the opioid crisis, prescribing trends
A free lunchtime webinar on Thursday, July 19, will examine the current state of the nation’s opioid crisis, including deaths from prescription and illicit opioids, prescribing trends and some of the efforts being made to address the crisis. The one-hour webinar is hosted by the ADA and presented by Dr. Scott Winiecki, team lead for the Food and Drug Administration’s Safe Use Initiative.
Five tools for building the dental practice team
If you’re a dentist who is working double duty as an employer, the process of building your team can be challenging to balance with other obligations. Through CDA membership, dentists have support in their roles as both practice leaders and employers. Expertise and easy-to-use tools are available online and by phone. From hiring and performance management to policies and employment laws, members can tap into smart solutions, starting with these five.
When refund demands follow audits by third-party payers
In “Understanding audit authority of third-party payers,” Cindy Hartwell, dental benefits analyst at CDA Practice Support, explained how a dental benefit plan’s authority to audit charts and records is a very important if often overlooked component of contracting with a dental benefit plan. In this article, she discusses what happens when the plan’s findings from the audit result in a refund demand.
Eligible Premier providers to be mailed Delta Dental settlement notices

Dentists eligible for payments under CDA’s settlement agreement with Delta Dental should expect to receive allocation notices within a few weeks. The class action settlement administrator plans to mail letters to approximately 14,000 Premier providers who had their fees impacted by Delta Dental’s “inflationary adjustment percentage.”

Calling dental volunteers: Register today for CDA Cares Modesto
After six years and 13 clinics, CDA Cares, the CDA Foundation’s volunteer dental program, returns to Modesto — site of the inaugural clinic in spring 2012. Registration for the Oct. 26-27 clinic at the Modesto Centre Plaza is now open, and the Foundation seeks volunteer dentists, including oral surgeons, periodontists and pedodontists, to help ensure the event meets its goal: to provide dental services at no charge to individuals while educating the public and policymakers about the importance of good oral health.
HIPAA violation affects 3K patients, nurse suspended
The recent license suspension of a former University of Rochester Medical Center nurse for violating the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act is a reminder to HIPAA-covered dental practice owners and associate dentists of their requirements under HIPAA’s Privacy Rule. A Rochester, New York, newspaper reported in June that the nurse gave to her new employer spreadsheets containing personally identifiable information of about 3,000 patients without the patients’ permission.
Foundation grant recipients: Where are they now?
Aisha Amin, DMD, was just beginning her career in community health when she received the CDA Foundation’s 2014 Student Loan Repayment Grant. The 2013 graduate of A.T. Still University, School of Health Management started practicing at Family HealthCare Network in the town of Woodlake in Tulare County and transferred in fall 2014 to the Visalia FHCN clinic, where she remains today. Over the last several years she has advanced from a general dentist to the assistant dental director and is now the network’s dental director.
Choose the right people for inventory management
Many practices rely on a single point person for inventory control, and the role tends to default to a dental assistant. However, inventory is not a task but rather a system — one that needs the right point person for some processes and the whole team for others. As with most processes, practice leadership must establish, document and assign specific roles and responsibilities. Here are four inventory management roles and guidance for filling them.
From facial reconstruction to transplantation: Prosthodontist to discuss importance of teamwork
In a featured lecture this September at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry, Lawrence E. Brecht, DDS, will speak about the importance of the surgical-prosthetic-industrial team approach in reconstruction, from the simplest examples to the most complex, including facial transplantation. He’ll discuss how the culmination of the team concept can be seen in the advances in composite tissue allograft surgery (facial transplantation) for the severest of facial deformities.
CDA, CMA file statewide soda tax measure for 2020
A ballot measure to protect public health through a state soda tax has been filed for the November 2020 ballot by CDA and the California Medical Association. The filing comes four days after the multibillion-dollar soda industry proposed a ballot measure that jeopardized the fiscal outlook of local governments, forcing the state to pre-empt local authority and pass an unprecedented 12-year moratorium on any local soda tax.
Same-name mix-ups: Verify patient information to reduce risk
The Dentists Insurance Company’s Risk Management Advice Line recently received a call from a practice that was dealing with a case of mistaken identity for same-name patients. The caller actually represented two practices: a pediatric dentistry office and an orthodontic office, which were managed separately but shared a common patient waiting area. Two patients named Haley were scheduled for treatment at the same time — one in each office.
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