Dental plan correspondence — it’s not all junk mail
In today’s world, we are often bombarded with junk mail, making it easier to overlook an important notice from a benefit plan that could upset the way a dental practice does business. This is why it is essential for an office to establish a protocol for reviewing benefit plan mailers in a timely manner.
TDSC marks first-year milestone with $500K in member savings
One year after clicking the “place order” button to purchase dental supplies online through The Dentists Service Company’s Marketplace, James Stephens, DDS, added up his 12-month savings — $13,000 total. After a successful testing phase, the TDSC Marketplace was launched last June as a free benefit to all CDA members in response to members’ desire to have more control over their practices, including the ability to compete with large group practices that negotiate supplies at lower prices than solo practice owners.
Updated Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists features all-CDA content
In their day-to-day practice, dentists and their teams must know and comply with federal, state and local laws — from the layered requirements of federal and state employment laws to the dentistry-specific California Dental Practice Act to local laws that enforce building codes. A first resource for dentists to help them navigate these laws is the Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists, updated and published in January by the CDA Practice Support experts.
One-on-one support available for CDA members
It’s no secret that CDA and its family of companies are home to some of the brightest specialists supporting dentistry today. And their expertise is just a call or email away for CDA members. But where should members turn for what kind of support? Here’s your quick-start guide to accessing expert advice.
Dentists with DEA numbers must be registered with CURES 2.0
“All health care practitioners authorized to prescribe or dispense Schedule II-IV controlled substances were required to register to use CURES 2.0 no later than July 1, 2016,” the Dental Board of California reminds dentists in an email distributed late January. California’s Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System aids prescribers and dispensers in identifying fraudulent activity and is intended to reduce prescription drug abuse and diversion.
Scientist Victor DeNoble to talk about tobacco industry's suppression of addiction research
While working as a postdoctoral fellow doing addiction research in 1980, a young scientist was recruited by the research arm of tobacco company Philip Morris USA to build a secret lab and develop a cigarette that would eliminate or reduce cardiovascular risk in smokers. Reportedly, the scientists at Philip Morris had invented the molecules but had no way to test them. This is where the new recruit, Victor DeNoble, PhD, came in.
Dental Materials & Supplies Grant awards up to $25K of in-kind goods
The CDA Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2018 Dental Materials & Supplies Grant. In partnership with Henry Schein Cares, this program supports nonprofit organizations with the dental supplies and materials they need to provide oral health services to underserved individuals in their communities.
Protecting your practice from cyber threats
What do Anthem, Yahoo, LinkedIn and JP Morgan Chase have in common? If you guessed that they were all victims of some of the world’s largest data breaches, you’d be correct. From insurance carriers to retailers, financial institutions to the U.S. military, all organizations that have an online presence are subject to cyber-related risks and the reputational damage and loss of consumer trust that follow.
Managing employees in natural disasters, other unexpected events
Flooding and wildfire evacuations have become an all-too-common concern in California. Not only do employers and employees have personal concerns, but employers must also be mindful that obligations pursuant to state employment laws and other considerations do not stop in times of disaster. Safety and security, wage and hour laws and leave of absence have employers wondering what happens next.
New state oral health plan provides road map for all Californians
A 10-year plan for addressing the major oral health issues in California was released in late January by the California Department of Public Health. Developed over three years in collaboration with the Department of Health Care Services, the plan identifies strategies to improve oral health over the lifespan and to achieve oral health equity for the state’s diverse population.
February Journal spotlights silver diamine fluoride
In the second of a two-issue series, the February issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association continues the exploration of silver diamine fluoride. Featured are articles on how a pediatric dentist incorporated silver diamine fluoride into his practice; the use of SDF to care for elderly and brain failure patients; and the chemical mechanisms of SDF when used as a caries arresting and preventing agent among other articles.
Far-flung relatives witness patient's first glimpse of smile at CDA Cares
In the small, close-knit Tongan community in Hayward and the surrounding region, word spread rapidly about a no-cost dental clinic that would visit nearby San Mateo in spring of 2017. Among those who learned about the CDA Foundation’s two-day, volunteer-run biannual clinic was a woman named Eva.
New infection control standard applies to treating exposed dental pulp
An emergency regulation soon to be adopted by the Dental Board of California amends the minimum standards for infection control to require that water or other methods used for irrigation be sterile or contain recognized disinfecting or antibacterial properties when treating exposed dental pulp. All individuals licensed to practice dentistry in California will be required to follow the new infection control standard.
Leading the dental practice team through change
While you may not suffer from metathesiophobia, the persistent and unwarranted fear of change, you might still get palpitations when leaving your “comfort zone.” Change can sometimes create feelings of anxiety and insecurity in even the most seasoned dentists and harmonious practice teams. See how proven change management principles can be applied within a dental practice.
CHIP funding extension protects health coverage for millions in California
Affordable pediatric-appropriate health coverage for 2 million children and pregnant women in California and nearly 9 million children nationwide will continue through fiscal year 2027 as a result of a budget deal passed Feb. 9 by Congress and signed by President Trump. The agreement ended the second, if brief, government shutdown in a month.
Ken Sanford Memorial Ride set for scenic Oregon
A few changes to the program for the Ken Sanford Memorial Ride, an annual motorcycle and bicycle ride that benefits two key CDA Foundation programs, will allow everyone who attends the event to enjoy the sights and activities that appeal to them most. Baker City, Oregon, is the setting for this year’s event, which takes place Sept. 16-18.
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