Medical consultation versus clearance: A critical distinction for dentists
CDA Practice Support and The Dentists Insurance Company are receiving an increasing number of calls from members on the subject of obtaining medical clearance for patients who have certain chronic conditions such as diabetes or are undergoing certain therapies. TDIC warns dentists that the medical clearance process is misleading because it implies that the patient is “cleared” for treatment.
November Journal spotlights dental student research
The November 2017 Journal of the California Dental Association showcases the research projects of several California dental school students and their mentors.
Dentists can help spread the word about National Brush Day
As homes and businesses begin to fill with candy to dole out on Halloween, The Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign is gearing up for National Brush Day, which falls on Nov. 1. National Brush Day aims to create awareness about the importance of children’s oral health and encourages good habits by making sure kids brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day.
CVS Health expands fight against opioid abuse
CVS Health launched a new initiative in September to help fight the national opioid abuse epidemic by enhancing opioid utilization management, providing drug disposal kiosks nationwide and aiding local communities in treatment and recovery services. The president and CEO of CVS Health said in a news release that addressing the nation’s opioid crisis calls for a multipronged effort involving many health care stakeholders, including dentists.
Latest effort to derail ACA fails, sparing California a $139M budget loss
A last-ditch health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act failed to advance in the Senate prior to the Sept. 30 budget reconciliation deadline. CDA, the California Medical Association and California Hospital Association sent letters to members of the California congressional delegation asking them to oppose the Graham-Cassidy Block Grant amendment to the American Health Care Act due to the negative implication for Californians.
CDA-sponsored bill to improve quality of oral health data becomes law
In response to goals identified in the draft California State Oral Health Plan, CDA this year co-sponsored Senate Bill 379, co-authored by Toni Atkins. The bill makes statutory updates that will facilitate the efficient collection of oral health data at schools. SB 379 also enables schools to facilitate screenings by streamlining the consent process for on-site oral health assessments.
Billing during practice transitions: Correcting the myths
Myth busting: It’s part of what we do. And circulating out there are a number of myths regarding how dental plans should be billed when a practice is in the midst of transferring ownership.
Infection control standards updated in new law
Assembly Bill 1277 sets a new standard for infection control that requires dentists to use sterile water or a disinfecting or antibacterial agent when irrigating exposed dental pulp and directs the Dental Board of California to codify these requirements in its infection control regulations. CDA supported the legislation.
Open enrollment for 2018 Covered California dental plans begins Nov. 1
Covered California, California’s health insurance marketplace for the federal Affordable Care Act, has released the participating dental plans for the 2018 benefit year. Despite concerns about marketplace challenges, limited plan offerings and premium increases around the country, California’s marketplace remains stable and high-performing.
CDA Foundation establishes disaster relief grant for dental professionals
The loss of life and devastating damage caused by the Northern and Southern California area wildfires is heartbreaking to say the least. Thousands have been affected as the fires ravage through their lives — destroying homes, businesses, schools and entire communities. Already, several dentists and their staff members have lost their homes.
Safe and sober: Managing employees who are under the influence
Your practice needs the entire team to be sharp and focused for the schedule to run smoothly, so if you’ve ever had an employee show up in the morning unable to perform duties, you can expect to have both a hard conversation and a long day. The impact of an employee’s substance abuse on a practice extends beyond impaired performance and productivity.
CDA Cares provides $1.25 million in care, marks 12th successful event
The Oct. 6-7 CDA Cares event in Bakersfield marked the CDA Foundation’s 12th successful volunteer dental clinic — providing more than $1.25 million in care to 1,506 people over two days at the Kern County Fairgrounds. In addition to providing oral health care services at no charge to those in need, CDA Cares educates the public and policymakers about the importance of good oral health and the need for a well-functioning Denti-Cal program.
Grow your patient base in a competitive market
The rise in the number of dental school graduates equates to more dentists in both group and solo practices in your local area. And that means more choices for consumers, who are becoming even more discerning and have the digital tools to do so. How, then, does a practice grow and retain its patient base when the competition is fierce?
Policy statement on opioid abuse adopted by dental board
In California alone, opioid-related deaths from 2002 to 2014 were up almost 30 percent, and dentists prescribe up to 12 percent of all opioid prescriptions in the U.S. In light of these alarming statistics, the Dental Board of California in August 2017 finalized and adopted a policy statement recognizing the epidemic of opioid abuse in the U.S.
View stories, photos at CDA Cares Social Hub
CDA Cares Bakersfield wrapped up Saturday, Oct. 7, at the Kern County Fairgrounds, but volunteers and supporters can still catch up on stories shared during the clinic. To view and post photos and stories, visit the CDA Cares Social Hub, a live feed that captures social media posts using the #cdacares hashtag.
Dental board licensure fee increases to take effect Oct. 19
The Dental Board of California on Oct. 19, 2017, will implement a new set of fee increases to licentiates. These fee increases were approved by the state Office of Administrative Law Aug. 24, 2017, and their implementation comes ahead of the date previously reported.
Delta hearing scheduled for Oct. 11
A case management conference related to CDA's proposed settlement agreement with Delta Dental has been rescheduled for Oct. 11, from the previous date of Aug. 25. The hearing was scheduled to provide additional time for CDA, Delta Dental and the court to review procedures that were used to estimate the impact of the inflation adjustment percentage.
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