Proposition 65 resource updated for member compliance
Well ahead of the compliance deadline, CDA has updated its Proposition 65 resources to include the dental-specific notice that many dental practices (as well as dental schools and laboratories) will need to post at the entrance of the dental office by Aug. 30, 2018, unless the practice chooses instead to provide a warning with an informed consent form to be signed by the patient prior to exposure.
Delta Dental proposed settlement notices mailed
Dentists who are part of a class action lawsuit against Delta Dental of California should have received by mail a notice of the proposed settlement. Preliminary approval of the proposed settlement by a San Francisco Superior Court judge on April 21 triggered a settlement administrator to issue formal notices to dentists who are part of the class. The notices were mailed on May 11.
June CDA Journal ready to download via ePub
The June Journal of the California Dental Association spotlights sports dentistry. Articles include a review of current concepts in concussions on and off the court and playing field, the treatment of dental injuries, Special Smiles Dentistry and the special needs athlete, and sports dentistry’s role in nutrition, prevention and social advocacy.
Well-stocked emergency medical kits can help mitigate risk
Emergency preparedness can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Well-trained staff and clear emergency protocols are essential, as are regularly performed drills to ensure expediency should an emergency occur. But one of the simplest ways to prevent an emergency from becoming a tragedy is a well-stocked and up-to-date emergency kit.
A to Z: CDA Practice Support resources are easy to find
Members can rely on CDA Practice Support for assistance in navigating the business side of dentistry with ease. Toward this goal, Practice Support experts in the areas of dental benefits, regulatory compliance, practice management, human resources and employment law work throughout the year to draft, update and publish resources that currently number over 400. Locating these resources on is easy.
Medicare opt-out excludes Medicare Advantage
As most know, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 allows nonphysician health care providers to enroll as providers in the Medicare program or, alternatively, to formally opt out of Medicare. Most dentists have chosen to opt out of Medicare, but there’s another Medicare category that dentists should consider: Registering with Medicare as an Ordering and Referring provider.
Volunteers, community changed by CDA Cares San Mateo
As the early morning sun slipped through the fog hovering over San Francisco Bay on April 22, thousands of dental professionals and community members began slipping into the San Mateo Event Center for CDA Cares, the Foundation’s biannual volunteer dental program. Some were there to volunteer their time and expertise, while others lined up at the gate to be escorted inside for dental services offered at no charge.
Get the word on dental sealants in May 22 webinar
Dentists can learn about the scientific evidence that supports the use, safety and benefits of sealants and review the ADA clinical practice guideline for the use of pit and fissure sealants at an upcoming webinar. Registration for the one-hour webinar is quick and easy and participants who complete the webinar can receive C.E. credit.
Action alert: Oppose swipe of dental funds
CDA encourages dentists to share their opposition to Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal for Proposition 56 funds that voters intended to be used for improving access to care. CDA, the California Medical Association and coalition partners are strongly advocating for Proposition 56 funding to be used as voters intended. Dentists may have their voices heard by visiting and submitting a petition to state legislative leaders, who will make final budget decisions very soon.
Practices required to post updated Wage Order 4
As a best practice, all California practice owners or employers should know the applicable wage order for their business and employees along with the regulations contained in it. Dental practices typically fall under Wage Order 4 — specifically, Order No. 4-2001. The California Department of Industrial Relations updated Wage Order 4-2001 to reflect the 2017 and 2018 increases in the state minimum wage and also updated meal and lodging credit amounts.
Pediatric anesthesia legislation advances
Three bills that seek to improve safety in pediatric dental anesthesia are moving through the state Legislature, including CDA-supported Senate Bill 392 and Senate Bill 501. The three pieces of legislation passed out of policy committees following robust discussion at the Capitol, April 24-25, with CDA and other medical and dental organizations as well as individual stakeholders presenting testimony on the bills.
Generate fresh ideas through association connections
Like many small business owners, dentists can often be confined to the “fishbowl” of their own offices. Taking a break from daily practice to connect with professionals from other practices and specialties can positively impact career growth, development and practice success. One way dentists can find these breaks is through membership in thriving associations and professional organizations.
Take steps to protect earnings in May
A survey by the organization indicates that individuals have a “three in 10 chance of suffering a disabling illness or injury that would keep them out of work for three months or more during their career.” With this in mind, during Disability Insurance Awareness Month in May, The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC) encourages dental professionals to take steps to protect their earnings and their practices should unforeseen events occur.
Student Loan Repayment Grant offers up to $105K
The weight of student loan debt can make a desired career in public or community health difficult to impossible for new dentists. To offset some of this financial burden as well as help new graduates realize their chosen careers, the CDA Foundation awards the Student Loan Repayment Grant annually to a recent dental school graduate. Applications for the 2017 grant are now open.
How to get the most out of CDA Presents Anaheim
CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry is just around the corner, May 4-6 in Anaheim. Below are some suggestions to help attendees ensure they register with ease, find their way around, not miss a course or special event and generally make the meeting an educational — and memorable — one.
Workgroup monitors ACA reform efforts for CDA members
CDA has assembled a group of volunteer dentists to monitor the impact of federal ACA reform efforts on behalf of CDA members. Since December 2016, this workgroup has been gathering information and meeting regularly with policymakers to assess the potential impact on California dentists of all federal proposals to repeal, amend or replace the ACA. In addition, a course offered at CDA Presents Anaheim will discuss the potential impact of the ACA reform on consumers and the dental profession.
Bill updates standards for infection control
Making its way through the state Capitol is a key piece of legislation that, if passed, would improve infection control safety in dentistry. Assembly Bill 1277 calls for the Dental Board of California to amend the regulations on the minimum standards for infection control for certain dental procedures that expose the dental pulp and may create an opportunity for infection. CDA has taken a “support” position on the bill.
Delta Dental proposed settlement notices to be mailed by May 12
A San Francisco Superior Court judge has granted preliminary approval of a proposed settlement between CDA and Delta Dental of California. The preliminary approval triggers a settlement administrator to issue formal notices to the class of dentists who are affected by the proposed settlement. Dentists should expect to receive their formal notices in the mail in mid-to-late May.
Using report data to improve the dental practice
Dental practice owners and office managers can feel overwhelmed by the number, purpose and complexity of reports that their practice management software generates. CDA Practice Support is responding to calls from members by offering a free one-hour lecture at CDA Presents The Art of Science and Dentistry in Anaheim to help practice owners and office managers review eight key reports to evaluate successes and identify inefficiencies within the practice.
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