Guidance on advertising and marketing a dental practice.

In-office discount plans: Legal requirements and other considerations
In a dental economy dominated by PPOs, dentists are looking for ways to encourage patients, particularly those with limited coverage or no coverage at all, to seek the care they need. According to the ADA, access to dental insurance is the No. 1 predictor of a dental visit due to the patient’s ability to offset their out-of-pocket expense for oral health care.
Easy steps to creating a more effective online presence for your practice
Sixty percent of consumers conduct online research before going to a business’ website to weigh a purchase decision. Even if you have a new top-of-the-line site, people may never make it there if they don’t like what they see on popular review sites. If you don’t have an online presence or are questioning how strong it is, there are many simple steps you can take to begin creating a more favorable digital reputation for your practice.
CDA Presents lectures will cover social media marketing strategies for every skill level
Significant changes have occurred over the last 10 years in advertising and internet marketing, which means dental practices must adjust their strategies to reach potential patients. This May at CDA Presents Anaheim, author and international speaker Rita Zamora will lead two lectures designed to help dentists or their staff market their practice effectively through social media — no matter their current knowledge or skill level.
Grow your patient base in a competitive market
The rise in the number of dental school graduates equates to more dentists in both group and solo practices in your local area. And that means more choices for consumers, who are becoming even more discerning and have the digital tools to do so. How, then, does a practice grow and retain its patient base when the competition is fierce?
TDIC alerts CDA members about copyright infringement risk
The Dentists Insurance Company has received and is currently working to resolve several claims against its policyholders related to the unauthorized use of proprietary software code on the policyholders’ dental practice websites. The claimant asserts the policyholders have committed copyright infringement by using, without permission, copyright-protected software that provides real-time online chat capability.
Top five: Spotlight on CDA Practice Support resources
In addition to advice from experts on the business side of dentistry, CDA Practice Support provides a full online library of articles, guides, templates and tools. Check out five of the most popular resources this quarter and see how they can help make running your practice easier and more efficient.
A to Z: CDA Practice Support resources are easy to find
Members can rely on CDA Practice Support for assistance in navigating the business side of dentistry with ease. Toward this goal, Practice Support experts in the areas of dental benefits, regulatory compliance, practice management, human resources and employment law work throughout the year to draft, update and publish resources that currently number over 400. Locating these resources on is easy.
Google update pulls reviews from across web
Today the reach of consumers’ opinions can extend past family and friends to the web, where review sites allow a reach that is likely immeasurable. Dentists should take note of a Google update launched in mid-September that pulls business reviews from other websites and displays those reviews in the “knowledge panel” — a box of information that appears on the right side of Google search results.
Advertising on Groupon allowed under new law
Legislation signed by Gov. Brown resolves a longstanding conflict concerning whether health care providers’ use of online marketing companies to advertise health care services constitutes fee splitting or payment for referrals, both of which are prohibited under state law.
Community involvement rewarding, builds loyalty
With summer approaching, parents will be looking for family activities to keep children busy. This is a perfect time for dentists to host a patient appreciation event or participate in some local family-friendly events. Participating in an event can be an educational experience for those who attend. It provides an opportunity for dentists to connect with their community and let potential patients know about their practice.
Setting dental practice New Year's resolutions
With each New Year comes an opportunity to make changes personally and professionally. For dentists, they may want to make some alterations to the way their practice operates to improve the experience for both their staff and patients. CDA Practice Support has offered some goals dentists could adopt as their New Year's resolutions for their practices.
Be cautious of offering incentives for Facebook 'likes'
Based on guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a “like” on Facebook could be considered an endorsement. CDA recommends dentists avoid incentivizing positive endorsements so as not to be in violation of FTC regulations.
5 social media tips for dental practices
Brad Newman, a leader in marketing and business development for dental offices, spoke to CDA Update staff during CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in San Francisco about how dentists can best market themselves online using a variety of social media sites. Newman discussed how to maintain a social media conversation that is "fresh, likeable and targeted for the right audience" and shared five social media tips for dental practices.
FTC drops investigation of Yelp's business practices
Further solidifying Yelp’s ability to continue to conduct its current method of review filtering, a subject that has long been a concern of dentists, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has dropped a review of its practices brought by complaints from small-business owners. This is the second time such an investigation of Yelp has been dropped by the FTC.
Use caution with patient referral, loyalty programs
There are many advertising options for dental practices to use as a way to keep current patients and bring new patients in. One way dentists can do this is through a patient loyalty program where patients earn “points” in exchange for gift cards or other rewards for keeping appointments, brushing and flossing regularly, etc. Dentists participating in such a program must make sure they are staying within the guidelines of the law and CDA ethical standards, however.  The CDA Judicial Council reminds dentists that problems arise in a patient loyalty program when points are earned and prizes are given for patient referrals.
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