CDA Presents exhibit hall floor filled with dental technology

The exhibit hall floor at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in San Francisco will feature more than 375 companies, allowing dentists the ability to stay current on the latest technology trends in the industry.

Located in the Moscone Center, the exhibit hall floor is 80,000 square feet and will house a plethora of dental innovation. Below are a few of the products that dentists and their teams will not want to miss as they browse the exhibit hall floor.

  • Snap-On DiscGuard (by ContacEZ). This new design makes the disc guard simple and helps minimize risk and ensure patient safety with slow-speed handpieces. The plastic Guard easily snaps on and off the disc, increasing efficiency while protecting the patients' tongues, lips, cheeks and gums from spinning discs.
  • Durasoft Seal (by Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd.). A robust inner layer for splints or night guards, Durasoft Seal thermal-forming material bonds to the soft side of Durasoft material.
  • Adult PRO FLOSS - Faster, Better, Easier Flossing (by GumChucks). Resembling miniature nunchucks, GumChucks feature disposable flossing tips. The two handles let you easily reach back teeth without putting your fingers in your mouth. It is also easy to wrap around the tooth, creating the recommended “C” shape, removing more plaque and bacteria.
  • EZ 2000 Plus iPad Dental Billing & Imaging Software (by EZ 2000 INC.). Capability to view digital X-rays and billing information for patients on an iPad. It wirelessly connects to an existing EZ 21000 Plus dental software network system.
  • Proxy-Brite Chair Side Interdental Brush System (by OraBrite). This small, color-coated chair side rack allows for easy brush selection. The interdental rack keeps the brushes organized according to size and color. The brushes are color-coded according to wire diameter size and brush profile to allow for easy selection.

Dentists should also remember to stop by the CDA Member Benefits Center on the exhibit hall floor (booth #802) to learn about everything CDA is doing to help its members succeed in their practices, including detailed information on the resources available through Practice Support.

For more information, visit cdapresents.com.

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