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Considering billing electronically? - 03.31.14
Considering billing electronically?  Refer to www.ndedic.org to conduct a cost benefit analysis.
Use Pinterest to achieve greater visibility among search engines - 03.24.14

Pinterest helps people discover new products and brands (like your practice) and helps companies achieve greater visibility among search engines.  Have you figured out why Pinterest is one of the hottest new social networking sites? 

Use professional judgment when disclosing protected health information - 03.17.14

HIPAA allows the use of professional judgment when determining whether to disclose protected health information to a patient’s family or friends. It is not necessary to have the patient’s authorization to speak with those involved in the patient’s care or payment for that care.

Using glutaraldehyde in your practice? - 03.10.14

If using glutaraldehyde in your practice, be sure to provide proper room ventilation and personal protection equipment to reduce employee exposure to this airborne contaminant.

Before purchasing a practice, conduct an audit - 03.03.14
When purchasing a practice, make sure to do your own due diligence and conduct a thorough audit of the practice.  It is best to have a team of advisors to assist with this process, such as an attorney, CPA, and possibly a consultant who specialize in practice transitions.
Verify medical benefits and eligibility - 02.24.14

Consider verifying medical benefits and eligibility for procedures such as extractions, surgeries, trauma. Medical billing guidelines are available on cda.org/compass.

Patient's dentures must be marked with name - 02.17.14

Your patient’s dentures must be marked with the patient’s name unless the patient objects. 

Moving your practice? - 02.10.14

Moving your practice?  You have 30 days to notify the Dental Board of California of your new address.  Changing your name – you have 10 days.

Develop an employee manual - 02.03.14
There is a lot to do when starting a practice from scratch, but make it a priority to develop an employee manual and job descriptions before you hire employees. Both items will serve as valuable tools when interviewing and selecting the right team members for your practice. After all, your staff will become your most valuable asset once you open your doors.
Using an employee of a temporary agency - 01.27.14

If you use an employee of a temporary agency, ensure you and the agency are clear on who is responsible for providing Cal/OSHA-required training and vaccination, and for certain post-exposure protocols.

Establish an office protocol for monitoring dental plan correspondence - 01.20.14

Establish an office protocol for monitoring dental plan correspondence. Failing to stay on top of your correspondence from dental plans can affect your bottom line due to lack of credentialing, plan fee changes, network leasing, etc.

Reference a "no show" as a future deposit - 01.13.14

Rather than charging a "no show" fee to patients who fail appointments, reference it as a deposit to reserve the appointment following the failed appointment. If the patient comes to the second appointment, you may apply the deposit toward the patient's portion of treatment. If the patient fails the second appointment, retain the deposit to cover the lost production.

Ensure your assistants complete their required Dental Board-approved courses - 01.06.14

As of January 1, 2010, dentists must ensure dental assistants successfully complete a Dental Board-approved 8-hr infection control course, basic life support (BLS) course, and California law course. The BLS certificate must be kept current.

Update your address or business entity name - 12.23.13
If you are updating your address or business entity name, don't forget to notify the National Plan Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) online to update NPI information within 30 days of the change.
Letter To Patient Regarding Dental Benefits - 12.16.13
Utilize the sample "Letter to Patient Regarding Dental Benefits" available on cda.org, and reach out to your patients as a reminder to complete their treatment before year end.
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