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Evaluate Your Schedule - 09.09.13
Is your reception room full of patients waiting? If yes, it is time to evaluate your schedule. Start by setting daily production goals, time your procedures, and use the data to schedule accurate appointment times. Use the "Designing your practice's Schedule" resource for more guidance.
Generate More "Likes" On Facebook - 09.02.13
One of the strategic ways to reach more prospective patients is to acquire more "Likes" within the social network. The more "Likes" your page has, the better chance your practice will become visible to these individuals' network of followers, increasing your exposure to new, prospective patients in your area. Read "Top 15 Ways to Generate More Likes on Facebook"
Update your HIPAA policies, procedures and forms - 08.26.13

Sample forms, articles, and a Q&A are available on to help you update your HIPAA policies, procedures and forms by September 23. Refer to the March 2013 CDA Update for information on the HIPAA Omnibus Rule.

Renewing Your License - 08.19.13
Renew your license as soon as you receive your notice. The Dental Board warns of possible delays in renewals due to the Department of Consumer Affairs' transition to the new BreEZe online licensing and enforcement system in mid-September. It expects temporary disruptions in cashiering and other services.
Productional Goal Calculator - 08.12.13
If your practice experiences seasonal fluctuations in production and you know each month’s production is a little different, use the “Production Goal Calculator (Seasonal Variance)” to establish production projections.
Scheduling The Next Appointment - 07.22.13
Make sure all patients are scheduled for their next appointment before they leave the office.   If a patient isn’t able to schedule, have a separate calendar to schedule a “follow-up” appointment or phone call with the patient.
Radiation Protection and Safety Program - 06.24.13
Submittal of a Radiation Protection and Safety Program with your x-ray machine registration is not necessary because a dental x-ray unit does not operate above 500kVp.
Personnel Dosimeters - 06.17.13
Personnel dosimeters (radiation badges) are not required if the dental practice can document that employees are exposed to less than 10% of five rems (0.05 Sv) on an annual basis. Five rems is the annual limit for occupational exposure to radiation.
DEA Registration - 05.13.13
A dentist must have a DEA registration for each office where the dentist stores, administers or dispenses controlled substances. A separate registration is not required for an additional office where the dentist only prescribes controlled substances.
New Owner Staff Meeting - 04.22.13
When purchasing a practice, arrange a staff meeting prior to the new owner’s first day in the practice. Ask if the seller will attend to introduce you to the team and assist with the transition of leadership. Further, involve the dental team in the plan to transition patients and encourage their feedback to gain support.
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