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Letter To Patient Regarding Dental Benefits - 12.16.13
Utilize the sample "Letter to Patient Regarding Dental Benefits" available on, and reach out to your patients as a reminder to complete their treatment before year end.
Discount Dental Plan - 12.09.13
Whether you are planning on offering a discount dental plan in your practice or statewide, discount dental plans are subject to licensure and review by the California Department of Managed Health Care to ensure discount plans offered are accurately represented to consumers
Submitting claims - 12.02.13
Whether you are submitting claims electronically or via U.S. mail, make sure you have the correct tools in your practice for successful claims billing by utilizing the most current version of the ADA Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT Code) 2013 and the 2012 ADA Claim form.
Implementing Google+ - 11.25.13
Implement Google+ into your social media marketing campaign can not only improve your market reach, but can also help dramatically improve your ranking on the largest search engine in the world - Google. Read the "Google+ Guide" for more information.
Avoid Disruption As A Network Provider - 11.18.13
Dental plans licensed through the Department of Managed Health Care are required to re-credential dentists in their provider network every three years. To avoid disruption as a network provider, place a reminder on your calendar 6 months prior to the expiration of your credentialing to ensure you keep an eye out for the paperwork.
Estimating Dental Benefits - 11.11.13
To get the most accurate dental benefit estimate for treatment, verify benefits with the plan no more than 24 hours prior to the patient's appointment.
Understanding Dental Benefits - 11.04.13
PPO, ERISA, HMO, TPA ... need help understanding the alphabet soup of dental benefits? Download the Dental Benefit Plan Handbook from the CDA Compass to educate you and your staff on the elements of dental benefit plans, claims submission, appeals, etc.
Using hashtags - 10.28.13

If you’re new to a social network that heavily uses hashtags, such as Twitter or Instagram, you might be scratching your head in confusion whenever you see that curious “#” symbol. Read the article “Why #Hashtags?” to learn exactly what is a hashtag.

Discount advertisement - 10.21.13
An advertisement of a discount must: list the dollar amount of the non-discounted fee for the service; inform of the length of time the discount will be honored; and list verifiable fees pursuant to Section 651 of the Business and Professions Code.
Signing Up For Google Alerts - 10.14.13
Signing up for Google Alerts allows you to receive notification every time your predefined keywords are mentioned on the Web. Learn more ways to improve your online reputation at "5 Secrets to Improve Your Online Reputation".
Patient's Provider Network - 10.07.13
Confused about the provider network referenced on your patient's EOB? Contact the plan to verify whether you are affiliated with the plan and network before requesting that the claim be reprocessed as out of network.
Team Bonuses - 09.30.13
A team bonus is a great way to keep your staff motivated when salary increases are not feasible. Read the "The Team Bonus: To Have or Not to Have" for guidance on establishing a bonus system.
Dealing With Refunds - 09.23.13
Before refunding any money to a patient, determine if the plan paid within the same benefit period. When a dental plan receives a refund from a dentist within the benefit period, the plan benefits are made available again to the patient.
Submitting Claims - 09.16.13
Submitting claims to dental plans utilizing your practice's Usual, Customary and Reasonable fee, regardless of your contracted status, is recommended since plans utilize the UCR fee data for determining maximum allowances for procedures.
Evaluate Your Schedule - 09.09.13
Is your reception room full of patients waiting? If yes, it is time to evaluate your schedule. Start by setting daily production goals, time your procedures, and use the data to schedule accurate appointment times. Use the "Designing your practice's Schedule" resource for more guidance.
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