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Morning huddle - 05.26.14
Having a morning huddle helps to motivate the tem and starts the day off on a positive note. The Doctor who leads his team to be successful is like the quarterback who leads his team to the SuperBowl.
Facebook Guide - 05.12.14

Facebook reaches 71.2% of Americans every day.  If you haven’t yet set up a Facebook page, learn how relatively simple and easy it is to get started at "Facebook Guide".

Drugs to be dispensed must be stored in a secure area - 05.05.14

Drugs to be dispensed must be stored in a secure area, which means a locked storage area within the dentist’s office. The keys to the locked storage area shall be available only to staff authorized by the dentist.

Determining order of benefits for a dependent child of divorced parents - 04.28.14

When determining order of benefits for a dependent child of divorced parents:  1) custodial parent 2) spouse of custodial parent 3) Natural parent without custody  4)  Spouse of natural parent without custody (unless there is a court order).

Data breach notification requirements - 04.21.14

If a computer hard drive, laptop or other electronic media with patient information is stolen or lost, the dental practice does not need to comply with the state and HIPAA breach notification rule if those items are encrypted.

Twitter Guide - 04.14.14

If you’re seeking a way to implement a new marketing strategy that is efficient and effective, Twitter may be just the thing you’re looking for.  Get started today by reading "Twitter Guide". 

Treating a minor patient - 04.07.14

When treating a minor patient, ensure you are obtaining the health history update from a legal guardian at each appointment.  Obtain the legal guardian’s signature to document the update.  Ask the guardian in advance of the appointment if the minor will be accompanied by a non-legal caretaker and complete the "Authorization for a non-legal care-taker to accompany a minor" form. 

Considering billing electronically? - 03.31.14
Considering billing electronically?  Refer to www.ndedic.org to conduct a cost benefit analysis.
Use Pinterest to achieve greater visibility among search engines - 03.24.14

Pinterest helps people discover new products and brands (like your practice) and helps companies achieve greater visibility among search engines.  Have you figured out why Pinterest is one of the hottest new social networking sites? 

Use professional judgment when disclosing protected health information - 03.17.14

HIPAA allows the use of professional judgment when determining whether to disclose protected health information to a patient’s family or friends. It is not necessary to have the patient’s authorization to speak with those involved in the patient’s care or payment for that care.

Using glutaraldehyde in your practice? - 03.10.14

If using glutaraldehyde in your practice, be sure to provide proper room ventilation and personal protection equipment to reduce employee exposure to this airborne contaminant.

Before purchasing a practice, conduct an audit - 03.03.14
When purchasing a practice, make sure to do your own due diligence and conduct a thorough audit of the practice.  It is best to have a team of advisors to assist with this process, such as an attorney, CPA, and possibly a consultant who specialize in practice transitions.
Verify medical benefits and eligibility - 02.24.14

Consider verifying medical benefits and eligibility for procedures such as extractions, surgeries, trauma. Medical billing guidelines are available on cda.org/compass.

Patient's dentures must be marked with name - 02.17.14

Your patient’s dentures must be marked with the patient’s name unless the patient objects. 

Moving your practice? - 02.10.14

Moving your practice?  You have 30 days to notify the Dental Board of California of your new address.  Changing your name – you have 10 days.

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