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The Dental Board and Cal/OSHA are not the only entities that regulate your practice. Find out about these other entities and how they can impact your practice. Start your Cal/OSHA compliance process by downloading our Regulatory Compliance Manual and customize it for use in your office. Also, download required documents, checklists, forms and more.
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Prescribing, dispensing, and administering controlled substances requires registration with the DEA and compliance with state and federal laws. Read this article to learn more about reporting lost/stolen drugs and prescription forms, disposing of controlled substances, and the state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.
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CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual
This guide  includes excerpts from California Radiation Control Regulations Title 17. Dental practices with x-ray equipment are required to have a copy of this guide or a copy of Title 17. They also are required to have a written radiation safety program. A template for a radiation safety program is included in the guide, as well as information to provide pregnant employees. This guide is part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual. Updated December 2013
This is a list of best management practices and information resources on managing amalgam waste.
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According to many IT consultants, if your information system is operating on Windows® XP  after April 8, 2014 you are in violation of HIPAA. My opinion in this situation is that IT consultants are giving advice that is short and easy for the consultants but expensive and stressful for healthcare providers. The HIPAA Security Rule does NOT specifically require the use of operating systems that are manufacturer-supported, so continuing to use Windows XP after April 8 is not in itself a HIPAA violation. What you do need to know is, when and under what circumstances does operating on Windows XP become a HIPAA violation?    Read more >>
There’s nothing like a regulatory deadline (September 23) and a flurry of vendor solicitations to swell the stream of emails and phone calls we get on HIPAA. Here are answers to some of the questions we’ve had the last few weeks.    Read more >>
There are many reputable payroll service providers yet there are some who fail to assist their clients in fulfilling their obligations. Recently, the Internal Revenue Service noted that several individuals and companies across the country have been prosecuted for stealing funds intended for the payment of payroll taxes. The agency reminds employers who outsource payroll functions that employers are legally responsible for any and all payroll taxes even if an employer forwards tax amounts to someone else to make the required deposits or payments. The IRS also suggests steps employers can take to protect themselves from unscrupulous payroll service providers (PSP).    Read more >>
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Regulatory Compliance Manual
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If you provide employment references for former employees, direct staff that references are provided only by the practice owner, or specific supervisor. Be consistent and keep the information professional and limited to the job title, duties performed in the office, dates of employment, salary range and if the employee is eligible for rehire.