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The Dental Board and Cal/OSHA are not the only entities that regulate your practice. Find out about these other entities and how they can impact your practice. Start your Cal/OSHA compliance process by downloading our Regulatory Compliance Manual and customize it for use in your office. Also, download required documents, checklists, forms and more.
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This checklist provides an overview of what dental practices need to do to comply with Dental Board, occupational safety, employment, environmental, patient privacy, and general business requirements. This list offers general information and does not take the place of legal advice.

This list is not exhaustive and each item may not be applicable to every situation.
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CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual
This guide  includes excerpts from California Radiation Control Regulations Title 17. Dental practices with x-ray equipment are required to have a copy of this guide or a copy of Title 17. They also are required to have a written radiation safety program. A template for a radiation safety program is included in the guide, as well as information to provide pregnant employees. This guide is part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual. Updated December 2013
This is a list of best management practices and information resources on managing amalgam waste.
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We recently learned of another example where state law preempts federal law, this time in the area of patient privacy. The California Supreme Court has determined that patients can sue healthcare providers, debt collectors, and others who disclose their health information to credit agencies without authorization from the patients.    Read more >>
You know that as an employer you are required to offer to any employee who is potentially exposed to blood or saliva at the workplace the Hepatitis B vaccination series and post-vaccination follow-up. What about other vaccinations--what are an employer's obligations?    Read more >>
Zombie apocalypses not withstanding, the recent CDC guidance on preparing for such an event succeeded in drawing a lot of attention to a subject most of us need to spend more time thinking about--emergency preparedness. As a practice owner, you also must plan how you will run your practice with limited or no access to your office, your records, or your staff. Business continuity planning goes hand-in-hand with emergency preparedness.    Read more >>
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Practice Analyst, Regulatory Compliance
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Regulatory Compliance Manual
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